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And now we bring in one of the top rated players in the upcoming draft Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins who has a real chance to become the second Ohio State quarterback in history to be drafted in the first round and doing any idea who went in the first round is the only other house take quarterback to do that. Archly? Stor. Very good. Very good. You get an A on the exam. That's outstanding. Very what would it mean? To you to go in the first round Thursday night twain, I mean, everything this is a blessing to me, drafty. Let alone we selected in the first round of looking forward to spending some time with my family and friends during the draft. And I'm looking forward to his come true. What are your plans for where to watch the draft Thursday night twin I'll be home in Maryland, a relocated, Maryland freshman, high school so going to be back home to get some bowling in and have some fun. And it's gonna be great night bowling. Yes, sir before during after how's that happening probably during so I'll pay attention to the TV saying you may be literally bowling while. Your name is called. I'm sure that I'll get a phone call while before the for the pigs in awe, stop everything I'm doing to watch it. And do you have any sense at this point in time where you might end up. There's been so much speculation always about the quarterbacks about where they would go. What is your sense about? How this process may play out. You never know man them to about five meetings that I've pretty confident about sure you know, that the teams Miami and the raiders Broncos and giants and Redskins in a great about all those meetings degrade job as far as a getting to know the guys over there doing a great job within the learning plays. And being able to explain what I did during the season on film. And you know, all those means will what you like to sit down there. Jon Gruden haven't put you on the white board. It was a Gruden camp without the cameras. It was great. You know, he's from Dayton, Ohio. So he's a very great attempting to Hieaux and for for him. They would have to come might school. Get to know me as a person in as quarterback in in some time with me for for about two days. It was a great experience. What stood out about your trip to Washington considering your from the Maryland area? Yeah. Definitely the H T R. And you know, Dan, Snyder son goes to my high school so have a connection there. And of course, Shawn springs was one of my mentors played for the Redskins is a solicited DNV area. So of course, being able to spend time over in the Redskins and beating Doug Williams. It's benefit time with coach Gruden definitely for like there's another possibility as well. Dan, Snyder son goes to your high school, do you know him at all personally, unknown, not not great friends with them. But he's he's younger than me. But definitely definitely aware of who he is. And Sean springs is one of your mentors. And I spent some time with Sean at the. Owners meetings, and he was once third overall pick. What did he tell you about the Redskins franchise and waiver may await you here in the coming days?.

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