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Just irritated like he was not like whacky gary abusive he was just irritated rambunctious stupid gary busey and tommy lee jones just like i'm crazy hippie and i'm like it was i like that well if you're going to replace what's his name stevens the goal with corrupts kurt russell i would replace tommy lee jones we gary oldman and then you'd have a fucking movie i want gary oldman it'd be the crazy wacky fucking guy thing why wouldn't replacement gary oldman is because gerald and has done so many roles like that the reason why this movie works so well and that why that role works because tommy lee jones is doing we don't see that from time jones is to face and that was done poorly here it actually fucking works he's actually given some fun dialogue it's just really interesting the whole he's a flower child sixties who's a terrorist participate in the sixties he was just in the military he wasn't even a flower child he was saying i didn't know he talked about that he said he was thou trial sixty vietnam vet and things it's only through dialogue that we learned that but i mean he sold the well enough and just talk about fucking a one one rose cartoons looney tunes time roadrunner wiley coyote god this is so weird bizarre but he's selling even stuff isn't is it what he's saying is making sense i'm telling you because he's so charismatic he's talking a little guys the fucking the film and dr strangelove right you don't he's tapping on the goddamn megaphone like that it's like that's really funny he selling he's a megalomaniac and it's this moving needs head you got like dr villain in there or a guy who always plays a mega maniac and i don't think it would work nigel's with me willis is with me person it's called running gags and what happened it's just me well that's fine i'm not talking about the cameras more on got we go wait one to solving solid matt it's all low rent rental regular regular into regular rental because like don't you never gonna i'm not gonna pay money to see this ever i would never pay money to see this and then a dollar at red box which is not on red box i don't know where you're gonna find this movie it's like amazon dollar been maybe maybe but anyway there's an action film festival i watch this i'd go watches like i mean it's it's not supposed to be on the same level same tears diehard it's supposed it's die hard on a ship if he's on abc family on the twilight saga i will watch this that's the only time where the marathon on i will watch all right it's over the twilight marathon only on abc family fuck so anyway all this arguing side okay i think it's that time do you know what time it is i'm sorry those very steven seagal chop chop anyway welcome to youtube welcome to eat calm time thank you for watching this week's episode which was a high kids no strict trick under seeing watching last week's episode which was kids that's right and so we're going to be reading your comments before we do that go ahead and hit the like button hit it again third time's triple like comet leaves seventeen comments just do it listen to me and then we go teamers dot com it's right there team doc on the tank tops now and polos get that stuff all right bye and then that's news to talk about so i up we're gonna go read the comments for last week's episode which was honey i shrunk the kids a lot of people down voted us on that one i don't know why do statistically percentage wise a lot more people just down voted for some reason i don't know why let me know when the comments 'cause i'm just curious i mean i still enjoy the film like a matinee right brent down on it you're negative no but here's the thing though like nancy no statistically significant way more down votes that's weird like all the movies right like other movies over contentious or a little people just i don't know people just didn't like last week but whatever i comment will read that it's a long one but it's fun john trowbridge haven't heard grody for a long time.

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