New York, Governor Murphy, Sony W. O. discussed on Sean Hannity


O. R. station and we've got seventy three degrees at five o'clock that afternoon I'm Jeff McKinney president trump says he's convinced that China wants to make a trade deal says the Chinese vice chairman told him so years from speaking today in France to close the G. seven the vice chairman of China came out that he wants to see a deal made he wants it to be made under calm conditions user ward com I agree with them on that and John is taking a very hard hit over the last number of months prostitute is now under arrest facing charges in connection with the overdose death of a New York City chapter forty one year old Angelina parini charged in federal court accused of distributing substances containing fennel sources indicate she told police that she given thirty three year old Andre as emperor only liquid ecstasy and then you never woke up after passing out he served as the head chef at chip Brianti dolci in Grand Central Terminal workers reported him missing and he was found dead last Thursday wrapped in a blanket inside in Elmhurst queens hotel that neighbors described as a prostitution and drug den Marini the accused also faces charges in connection to two other fatal overdoses I'm James flippant W. O. R. news a judge ruling today the Johnson and Johnson must pay five hundred seventy two million dollars to the state of Oklahoma for marketing opioids the judge says Johnson and Johnson created a nuisance by fueling the nation's opioid crisis with its products are the ones team pleading not guilty to a new indictment in this trial is not being delayed until early next year a trial delay being granted after New York prosecutors indicted Harvey Weinstein on to new predatory sex charges to reportedly lay the groundwork for testimony by sopranos actress Annabel as you are a who claims ones being raped her in nineteen ninety three he can't be charged for that because the alleged incident dates back before New York eliminated statute of limitations for rape cases why scene free on one million dollars bail denying all sex assault charges the new trial set for January general Sony W. O. R. news Newark is fast track a permanent solution to its water problem originally it was expected to take no work up to a decade to replace thousands of lead pipes fed governor Murphy says Essex County is improving authority when a loan the city a.

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