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Six six four nine three nine nine one eight six six four nine three nine nine one that's eight six six four nine thirty nine ninety one southern california was jolted by a right earthquake that was felt across multiple counties according to scientists the four point five magnitude quake hit about ninety miles east of downtown los angeles the us geological survey said the quake was felt from the inland empire region to los angeles and orange county's there were no immediate reports of damage but the tremblor was followed by dozens of small aftershocks geologists said the quick hit a complex part of the senate dress fault beneath the san bernardino mountains not far from the epicenter of the nineteen eighty six north palm springs quake that injured dozens and caused six million dollars in damages the latest us small business optimism is now out and usa's chris barnes has all the details the report shows america's small business owners and operators are slightly more optimistic than they were a month ago about the us economy and how it affects them this small business optimism index for april ticking up just a fraction from the march reading small business operators biggest frustration right now finding qualified workers a labor department report out tuesday bolsters their concerns showing there's a record number of job openings in america currently at a time when the unemployment rate is the lowest it's been in a couple of decades for usa radio news i'm chris barnes for usa radio news i'm wendy king.

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