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More on type. Let's talk about what age the best and I I think this is a long list Shea you start. I thought you were going to give some nominations. We'd just picking our own I can give you Sam you want me to go down the list I'll do because I feel like if you just tell me to pick one I'm GonNa just keep on picking Amazon every time, and then I'm GonNa miss a lot of the other stuff. So maybe you gonNA throw them out there that I wouldn't think of number one with a bullet the use of Youtube and blogging I mean come on we're. Really. Solid. It's foundational to the movie Emma Stone famously dishes and via YouTube. She likes sent in a a real that she did her Webcam or whatever it. Just it really works. It does not feel dated whatsoever it's kind of shocking. Hard to do. Well, it feels pressure. Yeah or still relevant ten years later. Juliette. It makes me really happy when we do these lesson than ours are the same. This was also the first thing on my list. I seen and understood. So I just wanted. You know that is a moment of community on this watch ables also I agree there and she's so good in them also like. There is something she would be a good youtube star which Amazon like you have other things to do please don't it's not the path that you need to take now but she could do it. It's it's realistic totally she there's a lot of options for her I'm so many platforms. I feel like if she were a little younger Amazon would be a great talker she shouldn't have physical comedy announced she could dance video she could do comedy she could do so many things. Let her do it now list age limits on anything. Okay. I think she might not want to. Ensure. Number two what age the best. As I alluded to earlier, I think picking Ohio is the location was also very precious.

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