Biden Administration, U.S., Ukraine discussed on NPR's Story of the Day


So diplomatic efforts continue to try to resolve this crisis in Europe. But here in the U.S., the Biden administration, The Pentagon, they continue to sell the alarm about a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine. For weeks now, the Biden administration has been revealing details of Russian troop movements, exposing what it says was Moscow's plan to create a fake video of an attack that would be a pretext for war, Russia has accused the U.S. of conducting so called megaphone diplomacy. John herbs is a former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, now the senior director of the Atlantic council's Eurasia center, and he joins us this morning ambassador, welcome. Good morning. We just heard from and pierce Joanna cassis, that German Chancellor Olaf Schultz is in Kyiv today, Moscow later in the week. She nodded to some of the tension that could exist in a meeting with president zelensky. What do you make of that meeting?.

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