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Down twenty points about six tenths of one percent lower news coming up for you at two thirty more Rush Limbaugh after we check whether next time al Lewis newsradio six ten W. I. O. D. warm weather humid weather continuing maybe some record warmth by tomorrow eighty three southeast breeze this afternoon in human with a mix of clouds and sunshine would be surprised if you get a couple degrees milder tonight some clouds seventy four tomorrow a few clouds around eighty six the records eighty seven cooler weather by tomorrow night into the mid fifties as cold front sweeps south of us leaving us with a beautiful Sunday a few clouds around upper sixties to near seventy with updates around the clock on suffered a severe weather station the weather channel three stage gun is ready six ten W. I. O. D. this report is sponsored by compassion international it's easier to change the world and you think sponsor a child in extreme poverty with compassion international and you will change the world for that child just text the word child to eight three three nine three to sponsor right now here here you right into the new year call ME with your retirement funds call my friend Anthony Perry at the Perry financial group eight eight eight seven five five eighty eight eighty seven ask about investing in fixed annuities fixed annuities are financial strategies that are insured by highly rated insurance companies you can earn a two percent bonus on your deposit and six percent every year to be added in your lifetime income base Anthony Perry's a CPA and Asher recognize financial expert with impeccable credentials finance group help me prepare for my retirement let us help you too these are my guys call today eight eight eight seven five five eighty eight eighty seven that's eight eight eight seven five five eighty eight eighty seven cutters and she has done amazing work for us that I hurt media now they're here to answer your questions about landscaping irrigation Arbor care and more catch the cutters edge radio show every Sunday at noon on news radio six ten W. Y. O. G. electric bill too high tune into the solar show this Sunday at eleven AM WYO when news breaks we are ready around the clock and now filling in for Rush Limbaugh ladies and gentlemen mark yes America is anger and is away and this is marks nine a foreign exchange student of the Limbaugh institute for advanced conservative studies it's a great program guys like me get to come here and drone on the hair for over three hours and in return general Soleimani gets drowned in three seconds over there so it's a it's one of the more equitable foreign exchange programs in that sense wonderful to be with you I mentioned and I was so back about the mark Steyn cruise that we do have every yet I had these emails from people have been going to the wrong website or whatever it is I never explain these things clearly it's actually mock's starring crews all one word starting with the why Markstein cruise dot com we did every year always have great photos of a lot of rush fans on it and I I think I'd said that this year within the Somali Riviera is that right you know I really.

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