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Drink doing i. That interested i But it also might the kind of sport vich uche choose by your sales. I would like to fido you. It was jin your introduction to be a test pilot In that in the industry or did you work before somebody else so actually. When i was studying the i started flying german and this time the air battle was raised through their phones that each from the japanese had some some more that they will see me about vick Like playing goes something like this. Oh to spend a lot of money for this and the i i will I became full. Seem disposed up Who ride my specialties. I Can get us not. So my benjamin jesus Measuring performance of air bottles in on the on. The rhyming was quite interesting but I feel also never done this. I got a got a so heavy. I authored over the gas addressed. The city's up testified Both of you. Nothing set as the. I'm studying and the next level. Sunningdale aspired competition by the study. A mood heels of victims says thinking in the time. I mustn't show a. I was studying in high new south job of constance ford austria. And now i'm fifty still was like as you eat then. much Decide severo together and then almost five arafat us and fortune in april. Stay reliable figures for it is that is that you're one hundred percent job In other words give other. Do you have other sources of invention. It's video media because everybody everyone thinks so can flies funded. Opiates so why should those is it. And so i was. I was writing for a more showman Life and i was working as the photograph of fraud. One lord side step was necessary and than the same Marseils moma's of the sino didn't come him betta also the time successful forty not as so now i will say like yet was set up by my is what she tied us at doing below side. Some joseph's right in his most of that role with jin now design or is there still a test pilot and stuff involved and maybe for the audience. You know no a lot of people. Don't really know a test pilot means what what is it. what would you do. What does it involve. And how do you do it. Oh the toronto is wrestling up into run smart. My wife's you're going to school so it's a disease. The airline pilots riyadh's to feed your candidate. Your yes you have to things Especially menu emily's easier than you are your senior would because then you're much more i've got my my two kids said bye bye. Base-year by like who made in toronto sometimes a little bit of towering absorbing areas but certainly know most of the time a quarter so ceo. That i mentioned that never stay. Be guardia not always always spider highest this episode. Fullest venue making his session suco in some areas tonight said she wanted or you go to these via the ball was solely city like this by predict. Are you testing the full range of gin or you mostly just testing the compound things everything it's bodice Depending on the projects that priorities. We have hands How it goes so May design not Coming up at is. And i. I support than once Muted sometimes that i focus on one of them being sent sized yacht who mainly join each other again. Daughter told flight how much time they spend in korea yet recently. Not lot because sure coincineration Putting is inside Rea- the didn't have these two weeks and find a way that i maybe Intriguing soviet-designed now. They connect says that session against our hottest michael reporting.

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