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Although I haven't observed it myself, I've heard from other volunteers at the shelter that is relatively common for possum infants to try to suckle on each other. If they have no mother present I've never heard or seen of this behavior in baby squirrels, but it's definitely a possibility. Well, that's interesting. So maybe that that writer was not joking. Number four. My final note regarding squirrel castration is that at least in juveniles male and female, squirrels look, very similar. Interestingly to me. At least though, maybe I'm just weird. This does not mean that a male's penis is hard to spot, but actually the reverse females instead look a bit like they have penises. I'm not quite sure why that is since it seems less likely that females would have Volve as that protrude from the body than it would be for males to have penises that stayed close to the body. Well, it wouldn't be that crazy. I mean, we I think we've talked about hyenas on this show before a similar situation with female hyenas being the the larger of the species in having some similar characteristics with their their sex organs. Yeah. So she continues. I don't know if the Sex's remain difficult to differentiate once they reach dealt hood since adult squirrels are vicious little monsters whose Butt's I luckily don't have to deal with on a regular basis. But if they do then in the very specific case of hunter kills a male squirrel with descended testicles, and then compares it side by side with a female, it might be conceivable to maybe think that the female was a male without testicles combine this with the PA. Ability of misinterpreting, the appearance of the anus. And you've got yourself an urban legend in the making. I apologize for such a long Email. But your episode was absolutely fascinating. And completely sparked my interest keep up the good work bevy. Oh, and then bevy also shared some photos from the shelter with us. And then another follow up from bevy quote. I have an update on my Email. I asked him. Oh, my fellow volunteers about squirrel suckling on each other. And it turns out it's quite common. In fact, we had the split a group of siblings up yesterday for that very reason why I don't think the suckling would create raised areas on the skin could definitely explain scabs and other injuries on the genitals of juveniles. And that concludes Bevis massive dissertation on squirrel Amos's genitals, gray this exactly the kind of field report. We were looking for. This was an awesome listener mail bevy. Thank you so much now, I just have to go back to our discussion of of barbecue bones for. And isn't it interesting that you know, that that some humans might be thinking, oh, I'm so creeped out because squirrels are actually eating meat. We the species that have streets literally littered with the bones of the creatures that we consume as as sometimes it's just mere smacks. You know, it seems a little absurd doesn't it while. Yeah. So like, I'm waiting to get on the bus. And I throw my barbecue bones on the sidewalk, and that's normal. But if a squirrel comes and picks it up that's weird. All right..

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