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We back in. We had wednesday ways. They tend twenty twenty one one minute after the hour. Welcome back this student weather for me. Just local right here and we have our special guests. Jam excuse us for getting into. I know you hear this. Is this the morning buzz. What we do here. Yeah so far. Just feel quilting just our local weather puzzles. Hereon in bethlehem will be worth cast. Lives you from. It is a forty five degrees has warmed up quite a bit of the highest going to be fifty nine today and it's going to be a beautiful sunny day and what's the weather where you look. How's the weather looking for you. Why would you live from the show every morning. Show featuring sidney j will you get started right exactly a sunday april eighteenth mill was located at feel mom eight thirty one south delaware dr in eastern pennsylvania. Doors open up at five pm showtime six. We have the one and only new york king talent of be in the building. We have a few comedians. Your please call me for seven zero nine. Two six five zero. If you want to reserve your tables please. We've got a lot of folks coming out. Got some birthday celebrations. So if you're not doing uncommon out. Sunday night labs. That's at the imu eight thirty one. South delaware dropped eastern pennsylvania. Let's go so we have a special guest. Yeah jim introduce yourself and your business if you know my little more name my name is jim. I am the owner of enchant by jim. Ashy i have a hairline where i sell. Premium extensions like bundles finals wings. We do customization services and yeah. That's pretty much pro. Awesome look at flowing a one over here. Jim's hair yeah. Asiatic bob. Your hair looks great. Thank you. Jim would would wou inspired you to get into this movement with hair..

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