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Kill and i'm not suggesting nor have i ever suggested violence but i am intending keeping a list of people against him politicalpayback is so just like areas start recites at every day but right now on that list is dean heller of nevada you shouldn't give them a dollar i hope danny turk kenny and runs against them i have joe comes out of retirement runs against them dean heller needs to be retired i will even campaign for the democrat against him if he has the nominee because dean heller start did this fiasco dean heller is not a republican dean heller is a benedict arnold dean heller destroyed the momentum mike lee finished in five years now draw primary challenger in utah because he is mike lee savior of obamacare jerry moran and kansas finished in five years german ran savior of obamacare susan collins she should not coming back can go up and run may fine rand paul i don't know if you'll be defeated in kentucky it's a weird place but he should be ron johnson said he's not running again that's good because he got five years he should be defeated those are the five people those are the sick people who have killed obamacare reform the inhaler mike lee jerry moran susan collins rand paul ron johnson i can only be truthful with your it's though sex we'll see who votes against repeal plus two years and praying rob portman doesn't become and he's our friend of mine poised on vote against repeal plus two thus far too senators have come out against that shelley moore capito both susan collins gelfi that that the first vote rob portman everybody call appointment little called the vote to repeal clip through years i'll be right back will tell you what the republicans should do next the in america forces as usual by reagan dot com for more info go to reaganprivacy dot com.

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