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I'm Beth Myers in the NewsRadio one thousand KT. Okay. New center acting on a tip Oklahoma City police today arrested a serial robbery suspect who was targeting motels in Oklahoma City and midwest city fifty six year old Lawrence Washington was arrested today in north west Oklahoma City police say that he's robbed at least five motels at gunpoint. He even pistol whipped one motel clerk, stocks are surging on wall. So. St. on strong, earnings reports at the closing bell. The Dow rose five hundred forty eight points to close at twenty five thousand seven hundred ninety eight the NASDAQ was up two hundred fifteen points and the s&p gained fifty nine points. A panel of state senators today heard from trucking industry experts on so-called truck platooning, Oklahoma trucking association, CEO, Jim Newport, says and involves a number of trucks equipped with state of the art driving support system with the trucks closely following a lead truck, it is the thing that will connect by technology to vehicles semi trucks together by technology. It is not driver. He says with the following trucks. Breaking immediately was zero reaction time platooning can improve traffic safety, but critics say that some automated systems have been hacked by remote, computer operators, causing roadway hazards. Today's. Interim study was to allow lawmakers to gather information for possible legislation on truck platooning policies. Investigators want to talk to people who may have witnessed a recent assault in new Walla. The Oklahoma county sheriff's office says the man was attending a gathering and the three thousand block of catfish drive in Nuwara on Thursday October fourth at some point the man was assaulted. He suffered significant injuries. He was taken to a nearby hospital. He's now in a long term care facility. If you have any information, you're asked to contact the Oklahoma county sheriff's office.

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