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Thank you for having Sean Parnell on again and the highlight his candidacy against Conor lamb your fans in the Pittsburgh area too by the way and have you never heard of amanti brothers seriously a Pittsburgh icon you gotta come to the Bergen try one I've never been to Pittsburgh prism RPF you times nice place nice really nice city that's really had a renaissance the last twenty years or so I was there a few months ago for a wedding another film a lot of other Batman to Christopher Nolan Batman movies in downtown Pittsburgh that's actually a lot of amenities I know you're an exam schedule usually accurate yeah they put French fries on the sandwich who that's their big thing main claim to fame when I used eclipse and I remember being in Greece for the summer and they would take essentially you know in the in the hero they would share and they would take French fries and stuff it in with the shawarma meat and then wrap it in a warm pita accents and which was good three kids one of my favorite using Greek his friend creek food webs good is really fantastic I totally agree I'm actually in hunger and I was thinking about it but yet overlook something else but a friend of mine now for I mean we're gonna be friends going on ten years or so and so Sean and I go way back is a fantastic guy and the great thing is I'm not a journalist so I can support I want to say what I want I want I want the freedom to do everything it can to help Sean Parnell want someone see him in the halls United States Congress he'd be a great congressman he's a he's a great dude so and that's a big race Hammond Kaneland people to look at that as a bellwether for we know in in in in the state of Pennsylvania you got to veterans the Conor lamb is kind of the of the mayor Pete school you know impressive resume sat you know a little bit sounds a little center sometimes but really you know really isn't and he's going up against Sean Parnell who's just you know these just the do you want to have as as your good buddy is your next door neighbor is the you know coach your son's little league team as your United States congressman you we want Sean Parnell the win so gonna do whatever I can to help the help the mansion on Eric responding Friday show I heard you knocked Marvel movies but haven't said anything until now holy bleep Bach please watch the Marvel movies in order once you do that you'll see their fantastic in a fantastic franchise producer Mike is written for a producer mark is right you are wrong love you she'll side with this producer mark is right I'm wrong now now that now this is what it's come to this is what it's come to an odd there's like a there's a community going on over the Marvel movies I mean that has been true for months and we've been arguing about I know that I think I think there's like four I actually didn't think of anybody who agrees with me on the marble thing they'll agree with you I was watching other there's the you know the the Scarlett Johannson and the guy with the bow and arrow who's scared of a guy running around the bow and arrow I know yeah everything's you're right and I'm wrong is fine whatever I got to keep people on their toes can't be right about all the things all the time at least I'm going to watch it but the one that I'm watching a movie remove one people were kill bush like what am I watching you have to hold watch all build up to watch and the big funeral all right well thank you watching eight Harry potter movie but didn't watch the first seven how many Avengers movies are there are the ones that you would have to watch for this probably ten or so what's no yeah this call it's I I honestly thought there like three it starts in two thousand eight he goes from Iron Man on is this portion of the Marvel cinematic universe I did like Iron Man so I'm not a comic book here that's why that's why I haven't been interest started with Iron Man and in this chapter of the NZ you ended with and you know what I think is an underrated comic book movie by the way blade I thought the weather sites Watson's blade do it it's good it's good enough dealing vampire stuff or not really this year the vampire guy you got to be in the vampire stuff you're gonna like player when I was one that was like my favorite comic book adaptation movie other than Batman and send the original I like the original Superman because he's like so all American I kinda liked him even though if you look back like the tights were a little weird there hasn't been a good Superman movie in a long time time those who remembers his Batman movie but I'm almost like this is awful is a parity my god are they kidding well I wanted to leave the theater is really bad yeah how could they make such a bad movie with two such iconic figures I don't understand I'm just hoping the new Batman movies are good way who's in and Robert Pattinson I am super skeptical I am too but high that guy see the twilight yes right I'm skeptical also but I'm still gonna watch it man all right we'll see Alice said hi Buck I had a chuckle you said your listeners are complaining about Bloomberg adds my husband runs a radio company in Bloomberg has placed a big bite they wanna run copies in the colors of the station to address listeners and people might understand the political outlaws but they sure know when they're offended by an ad not to mention this is ground zero Bernie country not sure how this will play out but it's an example of how the man's as teams complete arrogance yeah look I've been said before it was actually like a law thing there's nothing I can do it so I'm pleased with him and there's nothing I can do about the Bloomberg idea hi this is mayor Bloomberg producer mark in block Love Me and want to vote for me it's like we can't stop them from using a prism or I feel like people just turn the podcast down when they hear us explaining why we have Bloomberg as we keep getting messages yeah I don't know I don't also say so that that's a that's a public just to reply to you with the same canned message I sent everyone else as a way to do it all right everybody you know how to contact us tomorrow the.

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