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Are the top stories from the Coma. 24 7 News Center. Washington's economy continues to come back to life, but almost Brian Calvert reports that all is not perfect for many businesses you unemployment claims were off 21% last week from the previous week, and once you adjusted to include current claims We're still down 7%. Overall, people are returning to work. But many who would normally gravitate toward restaurants and hospitality are no longer doing so. With the pandemic mandates gone, it's setting up the perfect catch 22 record setting demand for restaurants but not enough staff to keep up its forcing managers like Aaron ever hard to cut hours and only be open four days a week. It hurts more customers who Expect the consistency of when they used to be able to come in when they hear 100% opened. They're expecting to come back to their favorite places and be open and be able to celebrate. And that's just not the case. She goes on to tell Kxl I employees who are on the job or forced to give 100% every hour There. There. She fears burnout. So reduced hours is the only way she can keep things going for now. Brian Calvert camo NEOS, The State Health Department has updated its policies when it comes to stifling covid in the classroom. Starting this fall. Face coverings can be removed during outdoor recess. Physical distancing requirements in school be gone by fall. Teachers and students will still be in masks while indoors. Parents in Bonney Lake protested the continued mask mandate earlier this week. We need to start standing up. There is power in numbers. We need to tell Governor Inslee, we're done. Similar body Lake School district has issued the statement she does not have the power to overlook the mask requirements issued by the state When it comes to reopening the Canadian border to Americans, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says we're close. All our conversations now are about What support we can give and what ease we can offer to vaccinated traveler. Trudeau also says there are no discussions right now about allowing unvaccinated visitors into Canada. A new report list Washington as the fourth worst state in the country for distracted driving. Report released by online driver's education Resource zero to be found in 2019. There were 109 deadly distracted driving crashes.

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