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But Muhammad ali missed a little bit of time. Calendar is still you know. Almost four thousand passengers twenty six touchdowns. I don't seem giving eleven rushing touchdowns again which is crazy rushing touchdowns yeah but You know eight hundred Rushing yards me in a little pass before two hundred passing yards. Eclipsing the thirty passing touchdown mark l. Maybe five hundred rushing yards in six still run. Run the ball now as much last year but Still ligament quarterback nor four again. The tough picking these. Nfc west quarterback because the defenders are so good in that division book to the Is it's the rams into a nightmare. Yeah others weren't good Terrible the corners auto idea. What went there no idea. That's how you need to defenses. Good rushing pants. hit george. remember aaron rodgers baby. I'm begging us. We don't air on his number three i wanted. I couldn't three floors offense him Great friends early. Great yes they go golfing together. Maybe you know probably not but they got respect for each other. Rogers says good wide receiver core the wide receiver. People sleep amazon. Nbs they got goes all over the field. They drafted amari rogers. Rental car Bobby tanya robert tanya fifty two catches on fifty nine targets last year. I think riders will handle more because every time you to catch your trucks. people over. He gets offense going. So you'll hear more about bobby tight on episode but robber i i can see reiver's last year. Forty three hundred yards. Forty eight passing. Tv's three rushing duties. I seem to get over fifty passing touchdowns this year to prove a point. I doubt i hate to say he's more likely than not gonna lead off season. He's gone now he's gonna he'll be able to pick a spot then. Robbie san francisco. Bu- no i'm just gonna leave. Let the parents know. They must stop after he gets fifty dollars after. They want to know reiver's numbers. I bet you the fifty two sounds interesting. Well don't always going to like your eyes on the name. Your hasn't soubra up. He's got peyton staffer. no shit. Who could dig good day all right so my top three..

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