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To quote Bill Belichick among the Cincinnati kid. Great to talk to yourself. Thanks for joining us. Sal Paolantonio the mothership. Yeah, I'd still want to find out exactly what happened. Just for curiosity's sake. There, that that's all. I'd like to find that out just to go now. Why did he need to play then? As if you started him in that game against Washington. I would have no problem with it whatsoever. We want to see what we have. And now I don't agree with it because I still think you need to find out what you have a jail in hurts. Sound talked about the $136 million mistake's that the GM made Howie Roseman That's Carson once his contract This isn't this isn't a great opening. When you think about it. Old team. Bloated salary. Messy quarterbacking situation. Uh, guys who thought they were going to get traded didn't get traded still there? What kind of coach is coming in? What's his system going to be? You want a Super Bowl three years ago? Yeah, McLovin, But you have a fan base that will embrace you and love you, no matter what happens. Yeah. You almost said it with a straight face. You almost That was straight face. You could have Bill Baljic Nick saving and they're gonna call on Monday morning and screaming. I know where I would want this job. No way. The Jets job is exact. Isn't exactly paradise in that regard, I would read exactly. I'd rather have the Jets. I'd rather have the jet situation. They're not in salary cap. Hell, they do have a decent quarterback. They have the number two pick overall. And it feels like the expectation level. Is going to rise with you. It's not. It's already up here. You've got to come and get it. It's going to rise with you. Now it might be a disaster. But right now, if you said I could have the Eagles job for the Jets, John, I take the Jets jump. Take the Chargers job. I take Jacksonville. Really like the church's job. So you want to be the Jags coach so I can see you play on Yahoo on a Wednesday morning from London. Come on, That job is crazy, Or is that what is it gonna be a tic tac now? I don't know what you would rather be the Eagle's head coach? Yes. I think Jacksonville need to decide what they want to do, because they're I love Trevor. Actually, I probably take Trevor. But that's a bit of oxygen. Is this filly McLovin or against the grain? NFL analyst McLovin? I still think there's some Institutional excellence in Philadelphia that I have not seen in these other. You should be institutionalized. Come on. They won the Super Bowl to win years ago. They were that up to you seven years. They thought so much of their coach. They fired him. You want to take Jacksonville? I would take Jacksonville over Philadelphia. I got salary cap room. I got a rookie quarterback on his contract, and I got no pressure. I got no pressure in town. If they go nine in seven. The Urban Meyer gets the statue. He gets a bud light. Statue. Yes, See? Entered does have a point, though, that Jacksonville as an organization seems to have 1 Ft in and 1 ft. Out of the league like Yeah, well, yes, Yes, Yes. Technically, yes, We are still here in Jacksonville. Yes, but Urban Meyer won't allow that to happen. Now, if you bring in somebody else who's just going to be sort of a puppet in that puppet government, then Yeah. Then you know, Doug Marone is not going to go. I demand that urban Meyer's going in there. And if he's the guy That changes the culture. Very few coaches can actually go in there and change the culture. Urban Meyer would change the culture. Yeah, Maclin. What about that part of that shot con wanting more power more? Oh, no, no, That's where urban Meyer goes. Okay? Yes, Mr Khan. I think you miss spoke. You said you were going to be involved in the roster moves. I think you misspoke. You need to clarify that with the media. Yeah. By the way, How does Florida State not get involved in urban Meyer wants to go back to coaching and wants to go down to Florida. Florida station offer a million more than what Jacksonville offers there. There's a program that needs urban Meyer E. No. They have been national Suburban is going to be able to come back to college costs. Yeah, I don't know. But Texas offered in Texas offering you 10 million. They they wanted him. Steve Starkey Zeon is flying to Texas. Did you see the tweet? That he sent out to his recruits like, Watch this bleep. I'll call you after the game. Which is always pretty good. You know when you're recruiting And you say to your recruits, eh? I hold on. I got to go coach in the national title game and I'll get back to you guys right after we win it. Yeah. Following last night's Alabama win was the biggest win in Texas football in the past 10 years. Are they going to celebrate this? Because this didn't Texas? Embrace Steve Cirque easy in being the offensive coordinator in Alabama, Devante Smith, winning the Heisman and in Texas, sort of glommed on to that. Hey, we got the the guy who was the guy who helped the guy win the Heisman, and he's our head Coach. Yeah. McLovin rember that picture of urban Meyer after one of Florida and he has his recruiting class next, So Cam Newton standing there, even though it was in high school like Thies guys used is that how they perpetuate success by using this is a tool. You'll have coaches who called Believe it or not, I can't say one of the coaches who who I know did it because he told me called at halftime of a national title game. Halftime. Imagine being 18. And you're watching the game and all of a sudden you're like, Uh Hey, it's for you, Skippy. What? Who is it? It's coach. Why? Hey, coach, shouldn't you me talking to your teams have time? Yeah. I feel so confident And I'm going to be even more confident when I get you on campus. Just want you to know right now. I'm thinking about you, son. You're the only thing that's on my mind right now. I don't care about this game I care about landed You your looks most important walk out of the locker room right now. But if you're a player is part of you goes, I think I think you should be thinking about the game itself. No way. The ego any was like, damn right. No, because then next year when you're in the national title game, and you know, coach is like a night I I almost didn't impersonation and that's not fair. I'm not even talking about this. I'm not even talking to catch. I know seconds. I'm not even doing it. I just doing a coaching impersonation. Last week we started with the high thought it was our ball. But you said the national title.

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