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Rev let's go to Queens, New York line to and speak to Gerry, Jerry, Yang keeping it real. You got Reverend Sharpton with Reverend William. Now, you're doing rubber. I'm good. How are you? I'm a little concerned with Kanye west. The issue is making over his hat. That he's very emotional about making America great again. And that's giving him a lot of power. But on the whole worried about no one ever asking what make America who were you making America. Great again four. Do you have any ideas because I do? Well, I think it's obvious that the had. Matches. Of course, the slogan and the policies of Donald Trump or just to return us back to pre nineteen fifty American. He's talking about making white males. Great again, and he considers that making America. Great again, if you look at his policies, and you look at. Even the makeup of his rallies. It's very obvious to me what you mean by that. I don't know. How candy thanks putting the hat on makes him feel like superman. But clearly, that's what that slogan as stood for in. My judge. I agree with you. And I guess the key word is again again to me means something had happened before. And I think you hit it right on the head that wears taking steps backwards where there was racial tension and very heavy discrimination going on. I mean, it's still happening today, but we're going backwards here. All right. Well, thank you for your call. We agree. William illinois. Yes, let's go to Illinois line one and talk to Richard Richard John, keeping it real with revenue Sharpton Correal, keeping it real. And I am also in the clergy and greetings to all my thirty brothers listeners. And course, I gotta say this to giving God, I would mundane comment is listening to the brother from eighteen years young to the vote and a lot of us still do that by the way. But I wanna read something about what do Democrats offer common sense for people that always looking for somebody to do something common sense. We graduated back at eighteen years young college, Vietnam and old ninety yards. We did we wouldn't be where we had to do. Nobody was all things you know, what to do. The point is this. And. Office government. Whatever is read. I do solemnly swear. That I will support the constitution of the United States and the constitution of whatever state and to the best of mob to lati- I will faithfully and impartially discharge my duties or quoting to law so help me God. Now if that don't see self motivation. And doing what's already ridden the life liberty pursuit of happiness. All that's there. And if nobody can understand that today without being self motivating what more do you want and like Reverend Jesse it ain't nobody going back to the fifties. Born in the fifties. And we know the oil still going on. And they take you money. Don't do your job if you're not self employed or whatever. So let's examine ourselves because the words because when the wicked. We know.

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