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Pair of blades, a new helmet. A good set of knee pads and use your Bank of America. Cash rewards credit card choosing to earn 3% cash back on online shopping rewards that you put towards an essential piece of post getting recovery. Heating pad. Stop the van into a fine now cooperate. 2020. Bank of America Corporation never wait for weather Get the storm Teammate forecast of the top at 30 past each hour on news radio W F L A Another Cold morning. In fact, there's a frost advisory for much of the Tampa Bay area until 8 a.m. and even after that, lots of sunshine, But a slow warm up will only hit 64 this afternoon about 10 degrees below average. But plenty of blue sky and sunshine mostly clear this evening as well, and cooling quickly will drop down into the upper forties, too near 50. Tomorrow will be sunny and slightly warmer. It 72 even up to 75 Friday and in the voting forecast today, north winds becoming northwest of 5 to 10, not a maxim. Integrate meteorologist. Least bad The UV index is four right now mostly clear 51 degrees in ST Petersburg, 47 in West Chase. And 46 at your severe weather station NEWS radio. W F L A Next update A 6 15 on Chris trunk man. Now your informational cast of characters Jack Harris, Aron Jacobsen, Katie Boo Chino and Natalie. A quail. Leah. This is am Tampa Bay on news radio. W F L A Good morning. It's a M Tampa Bay Yesterday we had Nadal day It was Natalie's birthday. So we renamed the day and of course, for years Now we have called the mid day of the week Wednesday because of webs World. And today is the final webs day ever Get your tissues out? Yep. Because we're gonna hear the final webs world coming up here. In just a minute after we check in with John Thomas and get the word on traffic problem. A seesaw traffic center at Riverview Way There's an accident on Bloomingdale happening. Bloomingdale's actually closed between Providence, Rhode and US 301. This traffic report is.

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