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Or maybe it's the goody two shoes foundation or maybe it's Special Olympics. I mean, they run a wide range, but they still all benefit children here in the community. And that's the whole goal thus. The name of the charity speedway chillers. That's why it's such a perfect fit with Amy's baby buzz. Can't you see why we were so excited to have the Motor Speedway behind this because they themselves are so great being local and being charitable and with our veterans and the country music Tien, and it just seems so perfect, and Jeff I don't know if you knew this, but our baby boss is an RV familiar with that show Las Vegas Motor Speedway. And here's the really cool thing is that the promotion we're going to present it during the pre race on the stage before NASCAR race on Sunday. We're going to have the baby bus up there. Amy is going to be there. And it's all about the children. It's all about Las Vegas veterans village and our veterans right here in Vegas this money as you said is they in right here in Vegas. These goods are staying right here in Vegas. That's what a live and local country music station and a live and local speedway can do is one of the great things about what we're seeing here it probably over the last ten years, and I know everybody is probably gonna say over the last year and a half the way that we're really becoming a real city does for so many years. It was just everybody from everywhere. And I think we've really seen. I mean, obviously we've had tragedy. Brought us together we've had a hockey team. That's brought us together. But I think all of those things are making us a much more closer knit community, which is really getting people more involved in wanting to help out with all kinds of different causes. And I think this is one that's going to be at the top of the list where the timing for this is so perfect with Amy's baby. On the way with the next NASCAR race coming up. What first weekend of March? Yes. I mean, she could go early and we can have a race baby. Making that Joe. And I don't know. I mean, I feel like that season tickets if you give birth at the speedway is she gives birth at the speedway I will guarantee her she's got tickets as long as I'm there. Awesome. That's what I love the most about the speedway is. It's a family affair every time. I've been out there. It's not what you think. If you're listening right now, I'm not a NASCAR fan, you haven't been obviously. Because before I went to my first race. I could care less about cars. I could care less about racing to be honest. I feel like a lot of people like me when you go out there for the first time, see the environment. Get some hotdog some beer bring the family bring some friends. I mean, I brought some twenty something year olds along with me. And it's a party out there. I like to compare it to hockey, and God knows we know all about hockey, you're in this. Two years. Ago. And I think there's a whole lot of people who until you go when you see it live. You don't truly appreciate the speed of the sport. And I think the same way with hockey how fast they shoot the puck. How fast those guys go from one end of the ice of the other. It's the same way with racing. You can watch it on TV, and that's fine. But when you see forty race cars going down into turn one at one hundred ninety five miles per hour nose to nose and bumper to bumper that opens your eyes, and it's a rush of your senses. If you will absolutely on how cool is it? The first time they're in front of the neon garage. And all of those windows looking into where the crews are working on cars right there. Right. And that's one of the great things about our speedway and a number of other speedways to is the proximity that the fans can get to the stars of our sport in the drivers is almost second to none. And to have that interaction in like, you can get an autograph through one of the flaps in the windows of the garage. We have drivers to make appearances whether it's on the stage in the garage new QNA's with fans whether they're doing something on pit road. There's so much of that going on and you don't find that in all sports now, I will come. Mend our team here in town. They do some fantastic things in the community where the players have been very accessible to a lot of our fans the way they opened their practices, and I think they do terrific job as well. But you do not find that in many sports. I mean, how often are you gonna be able to go up to LeBron at a Lakers game NBA to actually get an autograph from him or chat with them. That's probably not going to happen. Jimmy Johnson any Kyle Busch. And chase Elliott when you come to Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Almost any other NASCAR race Amy's baby bus with one or two seven the Coyote, Jeff and Amy in the morning. I'm so excited about this. It's going to be going.

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