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Hear that He's excited still about what's going on here. It was a really tough task. To play the first two games against the Tampa Bay Lightning. If you if you open the season you played one game in a normal season. Then you play Florida may be the next game, you'd have a different outlook. But when you play those two, that team twice, and you know, you really didn't Challenge them. I would have liked to have seen the Blackhawks in the position at some point to have the lead so they could really see what they could do. And maybe, you know, then you can play the fourth line a little bit more, and you can play cards a little bit closer to your chest. But Um, you know, that's not the case. I'm really interested to see how the matchup goes tonight between the Blackhawks in the Panthers. The Panthers, Um you know, you look at their roster, and it's sprinkled with a couple veteran type of players, but a lot of unknowns on their roster as well. And they don't have one of the highest paid goalies in the in the league available to him, so this is gonna be a different challenge. On. Let's assess. Maybe after Tuesday where this team is after these two games against the Panthers on before we move on to Philip Currie show we're gonna hear from him anymore. Just it's kind of interesting what they did you know, A Dale is out. They bring in a former player agent Bill Zito, who I think used to be based here on, then moved on to Columbus and an assistant GM's roll. Now he has the big job, and they got rid of a couple of really big guns out of their lineup that had been there a little while and Not so much. Mike Hoffman. We moved down to ST Louis, but, you know, they made another another change. Getting rid of its not Sasha bark off. I believe that s O Dad not goes to Ottawa, and they decided to get rid of some firepower. And Joe was looking for. I think just a little more experience a little bit more grit. And it's kind of an interesting tack that they've taken down there in Florida. Yeah. I mean, Billy Zito, who is a is a good friend of mine. Yeah, he's was from Chicago. He was an agent before he became the assistant general manager. In Columbus. He was way back in the day when the Blackhawks played over in Finland to start the series in It was in Finland. Billy's eagle came over with us and he had a lot of connections over there. He's got a big connective network over in Sweden and in Europe, and that's why he he likes a lot of these players, and he has a big influence on these players to come over here. He's made some of those adjustments to bring some of those players in. Interesting to think What Joe Quinn Vel looks on the roster. You know, one of the best coaches one of the highest paid coaches in the NHL and you look at it. You lose. Hoffman. You lose dad enough. How love boiled. You know some of the bigger names that they had on their roster and replacing him with some unknowns picking up Anthony Duclair at a career year last year in 23 goals, But you know Hoffman to dad enough. Both had well. Hoffman had 29 dead and I've had 25. Those were the two leading goal scores. For Florida. So you took those guys off the roster. Now you're going. Okay. Well, what do we have to work with here, So we'll see. I'm interested to see what the Florida Panthers are going to be all about here. Yeah, And there's no certainty that Keith Yandle could be around very much longer than that. So we could. We could talk at length on on what's going on there. And I don't think anybody really has a 100% clue on what really is the take of Keith Yandle and the Panthers time now for building better by design, sponsored by architect of Chicago and creating thousands of gathering spaces for families. And let's talk about one of these guys who can be a building block Jeremy going to go with the same group tonight after Philip Courage, you have help provide a spark for Dylan Strome and dominant Kubelik in both the return to play camp this past summer and and this most recent one. You could see the progress in the 21 year old fourth round pick from from 2018 in terms of players in the Hawks pipeline. He was probably the one with the most skilled that was closest to breaking into the lineup just a matter of when and might be now, especially with the what the coaching staff in scouts and hockey ups wanted him to focus on, including 13 games in the Swiss league before coming back across the pond. Head of reporting back to the Hawks. They wanted me, Tonto, you know, play with more pace. And the very responsible defensive, too. So I think that's what I was working on. I watched a lot of video and stuff. And, yeah, I think there was a great coaching staff and players to Nagano s. So I think a lot of guys help me improve in that areas. You're always first on parks and stuff like that and try when players are asked for more pace is That's just a matter of not being caught watching too much thinking too much, and it is a common law among a lot of younger guys who are trying to act Lemaitre to this highest level in the world. The league's other than the NHL. The The game takes place at a different speed. On and again you've got the KHL. You've got the Swiss League, the Finnish League. Those are all great leagues, the American Hockey League. But things happen quicker in the NHL, and there's no way that you can prepare for that until you play in the NHL, but things that you can do to make sure that your preparation is where it needs to be coming into that situation. Is not stopping your feet and cursive is not blessed without rights, speed. He No, He doesn't have that quickness that you looking. And you see. Ah, Vinny Anastrozole, who was with the Panthers? You can see that quickness right off the bat. You can see that that speed. Curse Shaved doesn't have that speed. But how you improve that is reading the plays. Better keeping your feet in motion, Not hesitating when you get the pocket standing still, because as soon as you stand still in the NHL, your target and And a guy like Patrick Kane can get away with it because he's so talented, but most the players in the NHL can't so he has to recognize what's going on on the ice around him that keeps his feet moving. Stationary positioning in his own end of the ice will kill him because he doesn't have those two quick strides to get up to full speed s. Oh, he's always gonna try and keep himself in a little bit of motion there and use his momentum to use that as the speed process. In this game. One thing you hear about Colin Delia from goaltending experts is that he has very good fetus season debut. Friday was a lot like Malcolm Superman's Wednesday. Some shakiness some mistake's but also some impressive stops. And Jimmy, Wait. Jeremy go back to him tonight. After getting that first wonders, Bell said. All three guys in this competition have to find that Fine line between not putting too much weight into each chance each opportunity in stay comfortable while knowing that it is a competition, and each start gets earned their stuff for a lot of ways, you know, in each game looking that schedule You know, still trying to look at it in a sense, A zone marathon, you know, 56 games still water games. It's specially in this amount of time, so he doesn't can't sweat the small things. You know. Details are everything for me and my game. But I pay a lot of attention that in practice and you know it again. I just go out there and play and, you know, I try not to think too much about that stuff. I just, you know, kind of like my brain take over. You know if I don't make people saves, you know, Reese, that's and go back to the drawing board, which I mean, why not?.

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