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I'm a huge fan of Fiji is the be some of the things on is probably one of my favorite guys to watch like his striking. You don't like in and out very looses. And we have a lot of fools, but I don't see their hand like a super complete guy. And then I can just wait for if you're not gonna threaten everything that was a huge evolution Sughu or in the second fight with with mighty mouse where he was able to threaten the house was able to hit him kick him. And I. That's that's what made him be able to beat the they'll show. I don't like have to worry about these. That's about all these other things. And I think in a fight where you know, more TJ, I think the winner has been the guy that's feeble to be more complete and threaten with different things. You know? And and I think it's a great match up for months out how much of the loss that TJ just suffered. How much of that? Do you attribute to the wake cut? Man. You never know. You know, that's the sports. And like, I said earlier, you know, you think you think the two or three or five guys in each way cloth. And it's literally like a role of the vice that. And a lot of times is what happens on that day. What happens on that we as far as the weight cut? I think that if I if I had to nitpick on on something, I think the weight cut, my might have affected him because we haven't seen, you know, get rock, you know, like that and one twenty five or. Like, he's a guy. And you know, every wrestler is strong hell has good hands. But he's not known for devastating power or anything like that. You know? So it makes me wonder if the wake up was just too much, and and and just from personal experience if I have to say anything at this. Yeah, we definitely affecting the way that doesn't mean that you're gonna be you know, under percent hydrated during the fight. Like, no matter what the no matter what the scare you all the scientists there just certain things in fighting just you know, and then that led to the I won't call. I won't call Marlins post-fight speech hilarious, although certain admissions about his biological condition were a little bit. With Chuck chuckling about in the way that he described them, but in all seriousness, I guess he was sick. Can you tell us how sick he was during the week? And he was so anyone of us 'cause they wanna worry it. You know, we got to you got to do. And like, you know, like the us that he had Celtic. But you know, like, not like the extent, you know. 'cause we got there Friday yet or made wait, I did notice they look whiter than normally does, you know? But he never complained to me never said anything, and as far as speech that Marlin, you know, like sometimes can be emotional, and he's very sincere one hundred percent of the fine. You know, one of the most simple and humble that is and and and his very sincere. You know, like he he wears his heart on his league and everything he does. And he's the guy that you know, what you see is what you get. And if he's gonna talk about. On you know, the whole world always better condition than than the whole gonna have medical condition. But that's just that's This just. is very sincere. Okay. But in the end, he got the he got the WTO. Here's the only thing about this Ricardo that I do think works against him. You know, he's headlining the shows. And that was a great show in Brazil, not really his win. But the vibe was great. And from a spectator's position on, you know, in the United States watching on the ESPN plus app, it looked phenomenal..

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