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Thirty-seven-year-old Philip rivers quarterback the chargers Forty-one-year-old Tom Brady when they face off against each other on Sunday in the AFC divisional playoffs going to be the oldest pair of starting quarterbacks in the National Football League post-season game and eagles quarterback. Nick foles his team eked out a sixteen. Fifteen win over the bears in Chicago yesterday. Well, that knitted foles an extra million dollars in the season because when the quarterback restructured his contract this off season, it was Laden with incentives fulls earning half a million bucks for playing thirty three percents of the snaps in a playoff game. Another half a million for the victory show. Bob, moon, ended up bam one million dollars, assuming fulls place at least thirty three percent of the snaps coming up next week against the norm. Orleans Saints in the NFC divisional round is gonna earn himself. Another half a million bucks with a chance for another million dollar payday at the eagle's actually pull off another road upset that's going to be a serious. Uphill climb to take on the saints in New Orleans. Saints a favor to win the Super Bowl, by the way. So college football tonight gonna find out the national champion in college football in what's become a classic rivalry. Here's FOX's Matt. Napolitano for the fourth year in a row, Alabama and Clemson will square off in the college football playoff this time. The national championship is on the line, Alabama looking to repeat as champions tied head coach Nick Sabin looks for his record breaking seventh championship as he discusses facing. The tigers. Once again, we both have a lot of good players and been very fortunate to help those players play. Well, enough took home the national title against Bama in two thousand sixteen and Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney says this is what the championship is all about the two best teams. I think that's the objective kickoff Alabama and Clemson coming up at eight PM eastern time from Levi stadium. Matt Napolitano, Fox News. Most folks use computers each and every day, right? But it turns out the posture that we'd take while doing so was causing a lot of serious neck issues. San Francisco state university. Researchers asked eighty seven students to sit upright with their heads properly aligned on their necks and ask them to turn their heads. And then they had the students scrunch their necks and just turn their heads forward. Ninety two percent reported being able to turn their heads much farther when not scrunching up their necks. Also on a second test ninety eight percent reported some level of pain in their neck, or there is after scrunching their next for thirty seconds now often when staring at a computer screen people. Just you know, they jut their head forward to look more closely at the screen right study leader, this whole thing. Eric pepper explains. Quote, when your posture is tall and erect the muscles of your back can easily support the weight of your head and your neck as much as twelve pounds. But when your head juts forward at a forty five degree angle. To get a better view of that screen your neck acts like a fulcrum like a long lever lifting heavy object. So now the muscle weight on your head and your neck is the equivalent of about forty five pounds as opposed to twelve. It's not surprising, people get stiff, neck and shoulder pain and back pain. He says in getting spliced getting married offers an opportunity to ask for a whole bunch of new stuff. Right. Seems that some people have allowed regrets about what they fail to put on their registry. According to a recent survey of over a thousand people buy online wedding registry site Zola over seventy five percent of newlyweds said they regretted not having cookware on their registries. Delicious suggests that at least very least a couple should put a kitchenaid stand mixer on their wedding registry. An also consider putting on something like a Dutch oven the Likud set. Those are those real nice ones. Those things we a ton. By the way, we have a couple of those and the kitchen stand mixer. Let me tell you something you put that on your registry, that's a three hundred dollar item. It's not a cheap item. I'm right there. Kevin Spacey heads to court today in Massachusetts for arraignment in the sexual assault. Case the actor accused of groping and eighteen year old busboy at a restaurant Nantucket back in two thousand sixteen. He'll be arraigned on an indecent assault and battery charge. He's expected to plead not guilty Spacey tried to waive his right to be at that arraignment. But that request was denied. So he will be there in court in his sexual assault case today a record number of visitors and a world famous museum as we hear from FOX's Simon Owen. Fiance and husband Jay, z released a music video filmed at the Louvre last year. But they were often the only ones paying.

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