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Parking signage on private property is is a huge hassle right in a lot of people have been in this situation involving finds. You gotta wait some period of time. Maybe even hours to come Get your car and get that boot removed that sort of thing. But if the City council passes a new tweet to city co drivers could remove that boot themselves saving time, if not money. This is a self release boots in the law that don't allow self released boots. That's what Joe Santiago says the owner of capital parking at CSA company that handles booting told the Urban Transportation Commission this past Thursday, Santiago He touted the benefits of this technology by describing someone who comes back to their car after a late night downtown, only to find a boots on one of their wheels. You know that lock that keeps it from moving. We have accounts on rainy street, Sixth Street, you know, to O'clock in the morning, and you really don't want to wait until four o'clock in the morning to get that boot taken off. It's dangerous. It's dangerous. You think about it. You're standing outside your car for a couple of hours vulnerable. Well. This new boot called the tire tag weighs only £2 and can be unlocked with the code after payment. The warning notice that accompanies the tire tag would tell the car owners how to pay online. Maybe using your phone that sort of thing. And how to open the lock and where to drop off that boot in a drop box in a parking lot, or, you know, somewhere in the city, and customers will have a week to return that boot if necessary. The boating fee typically is $100 would stay the same, and commissioner Mario Champion asked if the new technology reduces personal cost, thereby lowering the fee. Santiago said. That's because of the cost of the new technology is about the same as any savings elsewhere. The fees will remain unchanged. Well, I mean, I certainly comparatively to to the old boot or your car being towed for that matter. I do like this, and you brought up a very good reason. Safety being one of those, and I think that's a big reason to make your payment get this thing settled very, very quickly. Now. Commissioner Diane Wheeler asked the question if they get if they got mad and threw it in the river, something like that. Is there a fee? San Diego's to the fee is only $60 for lost or damaged tire tags compared to a $200 damaged boot and, according to Santiago, commercial landlords Attack thousands of dollars on to business leases for private parking spaces. Parking now is a valued about $25,000 a parking spot per year. Depending on the type of business. You have some business owners looking to reserve their precious parking spaces for customers, higher boot companies to enforce these measures. These parking rules and private companies like capital 80 X do the actual booting they overseen by Austin Police and Transportation Department, which you know that's these companies without any kind of Fraudulent activity. So there you go now. The commission unanimously recommended the City Council update the code to allow these self released boots. If it works, and it works reliably consistently, uh, sounds like a better option to me. Um, Now they're going to be any concerns as far as, uh, you know, privacy or anything like that. I think any time you do anything with yourself If this is if this is what they want to continue to do for booting your car, for whatever reason, whether it's illegal parking or unpaid tickets or whatever it might be. I think it's a good solution because it achieves the goal of getting the payment done, but leave in these days. In downtown Austin. None of us feel as safe as we used to feel. So I think this is time to do something like that, because, yeah, you're right. And I've never thought about that aspect of booting or your car getting towed. Suddenly you're very, very vulnerable. And, uh, could be in a in a world of hurt. Of course, I guess the ultimate way to avoid that is go ahead and pay those pay Those fines early and avoid this all together. Jump in at 512836059 even booted for any reason I can't think would be told a couple of times and many, many, many years ago Tattoo I have to but not booted. Now what they say the name well, who comes to mind when I say women's track Women's track stars, track and field, So the Olympic Games when when, when I say the, you know women athletes. Are there any names that come to mind for you? Jackie Joyner Kersee. I'm thinking current name something in current. Correct? Yeah, current now because we're in the process of selecting athletes to go on to the Olympic Games, And some of these athletes are truly amazing. She Keira Shakeri Richardson is an incredible speed. She is a 100 M dynamo is what she is. She's always got a different hair color, too. That's kind of cool. But she, uh She She finished with a big win in the women's 100 Over the weekend. A 12th 10.77 seconds in the 2021 U. S. A. T F Golden games. This was just a month ago 10 seconds 10.7 segment. That is amazing. Another name that comes to mind is Emma Coburn. She's an amazing athlete as well. You know, a track star if you will, but there's a new name in women's sports. Laurel Hubbard. Laurel Hubbard will become the first transgender athlete to compete in the Olympics after being selected by New Zealand for the women's events at the Tokyo Games, a decision set to fuel this debate over inclusion and fairness in the sport. Laurel used to be a man. Born as a man but now competes as a woman. Yet the New Zealand Olympic Committee announced on Monday that Hubbard would be competing for her country in the women's super heavyweight category. Coming up at the upcoming games July The 23rd Hubbard is 43 competed as a man until transitioning in 2013 and says was humbled by her selection. In this long journey. Uh.

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