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But a yet if whoever they get back for Jimmy Butler this team, I mean. Damn right. When he's talking shit to Scotland, that disease has never been good unless Jimmy Butler has been in the lineup. And so even if you get back Josh Richardson and he'll certainly help them. But you know, he's no Jimmy Butler. So I even offensively to they have so many structural limitations with the lack of shooting in the lack of creativity on offense that you're without a Butler there. You know, they don't really squirrel that will don't think either. So an certainly don't stop anybody, but getting back to the predictions, we don't do quite as long as those teams. Obviously that's what the season preview positive before clippers at forty two. I am higher on them than San Antonio. I've forty-one higher on them than Minnesota. At this point. This is I think the clippers I had higher four wins over there over under sizing to be higher on them than just about anybody. I just couldn't really come up with in one forty two last year. They've got more guys healthy more depth this season. I didn't think that Blake Griffin did like that much for them. I didn't think that the Andre Jordan did that much for them last year. Those are the two main loss. So and there is deep as any team. I'm I didn't really see much reason why they're going to be any worse than last year. And remember they tanked at the end of the season as well. Now, the only thing that could kill it here is they've got that lottery protected pick that they owed to the Celtics. But again, I mean they're going to be trying to make the playoffs and if they don't, they don't. You could just see them maybe falling out of it in the last week or two of the season, and then doing what they did last year and killing this prediction for me. But I, I still, I just like they're telling a lot more than San Antonio who with Derek Whyte out with Shanta Murray out when they have one healthy and they have three guards who are healthy on this team is a derozen and mills and Ford's forgetting anybody now I don't think you are. So, I mean, they're, they're all that all that talk we'd had about, I thought about about the Rosen playing up the three. Well, that's not gonna happen for awhile. We'll and like they had to start dovish tons at the three in the last preseason game against the hawks like. It's really a now, maybe Gregg. Popovich is just going to get so much out of them defensively playing these enormous lines. Rega- does look pretty good. Give him that August bell Nellie. That's who were forgetting as still held. They've got Murray, white and Walker are out. But Quincy pond x. are going to have to play a. So I do think these guys can still defend. Okay. The Murray would have been a big part of that to me, but I just the scoring just as going to really struggle as far as I'm concerned. So yeah, I see them right at forty one wins. But again, you know, they could have a forty one point, two French and win forty four. You know, like, that's it. I'm not saying that they are out of the play offs at all. Here. I just have them a little bit below some of these other teams. We haven't seen it really with this mix at this point in so as they have no spacing on the team at all the people who can space can't stop anybody. So I, I never liked that. Maybe pop can get enough out of them, but I'm a, I'm a little skeptical of June. Talked about those teams at all. I have three team tear here and I originally had since obviously they were in higher tier before everybody got hurt. I'm worried about their offense. I'm worried about their defense really second unit offense and everywhere defense. So I've the clippers as my ninety, two forty Spurs as my ten thirty nine and then Minnesota, right, right there. Thirty eight and you make a good argument on the clippers. Like it's one of those weird things like intuitively. Gallon Oris the clippers upright because I think you had the clippers under at thirty eight on our show, and I watched them. I will..

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