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On the news. Let's get to your Rhodes right now, though, with Kevin Dean in couple of Shutdown here, Nirvana on the I five to the eastbound side of Interstate eight from your Always sunny San Diego Honda Divas Traffic Center. They've been closed for a while. There is a stuck RV at the end of the ramp Marina Boulevard onto the eastbound side of the eight that effects on our pound five of the East eight as well. Yeah, this RV has been stuck there since about midnight 1 a.m. In the morning, the driver said he scheduled a tow truck and he's inside. Not coming out, though. Leto truck gets there, see speeds on the scene, but just kind of sitting there for now. Hopefully, toe truck will get there soon and get him out away. Traveling is very light in the area, so it's not causing a huge problem or North found five the five great drive out of the South Bay. It is an hour and 10 minutes nor pounded Santa seed Roa and 50 minutes out of Showtime, Mesa. Ah, good rising from the East County and then our county's accident free. The support sponsored by express post dot com Mark your calendars express employment professionals is once again hosting national Interview Day on August the sixth A special event supporting hiring as businesses continue to reopen and business ramps back up. Apply online today. Does it express pros dot com slash interview day to find a location near you. I'm given Dean Coco's next real time Traffic Update 7 30 Right now. It looks like we're gonna have a mostly sunny day today after those clouds burn off coast, up to 72 inland. 84. The mountains 82 desserts upto 1 12 right now. Downtown. It looks like we are partly sunny and 68. Kogo News Time is 7 23 It is time for news about your money with Sully and the re shutdown. All right,.

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