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I can like contextualize you with what will now but yeah so i can't i can't see people's faces but i think that people don't believe that at all no how does effect linked the way that you for example writing in the way that you describe peoples features was so what am i mentioned his that i can at what i have to do is like pinpoint a feature mmhmm um so i get to know them really well through like one part of their face or affect uh and then if that changes like are on there were at the time that young best friend was waiting hot over liquor dyed hair and i couldn't recognize a move assertively four years suicides so it but like it it's it's also because it sounds like some fucking new york excuse rate of like oh sorry was on important today um but no leak that's what it is and what it too i have i have a conditioners called faced by rival you try that do trafficking explaining that into a ever the bar come on any that i'm still trying to grapple with the fact that it's even possible because so much of daily interaction is based on recognition you find ways you find it a race while i was just trying to like i was working backwards through the last three hours of my life and if i had like a minute to minute just walking by people in how it the office rare work i wouldn't be able to to confidently interact with no that it's actually different like if it's it contains place like hallway at the office at work like he kind of no here going to see a seeping whole is the blind you can tell the presidency locks the shuttle you know what i mean but let's let's say that person comes up to six hours later off of your subway stop at home i would not be able to do that i would not be will place that person will let's talk about the date example where you you go out to smoke a cigarette and you go back to find your date is he sitting at a table or i'm sorry is he or she sitting at a time.

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