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In Lancaster and Palmdale transportation constraints hire staff turnover in less experienced workers who begin their careers in the antelope valley to transfer to more desirable locations LA supervisors approved a plan to devise incentives to recruit and keep DCFS staffers in antelope valley and they may be monetary maybe better transportation allowances in some ways type in surprise are held to lease the vote unanimous empowering the agency to begin the thing up qualified staff immediately Craig figure can extend seventy newsradio they set up a man to rob him and beat him so bad with a baseball bat that he nearly died police are asking for the public's help to identify three people in a horrific beating and robbery caught on video police say the victim found two women on the internet there most likely women you find on back page they met at night on January eighteenth at a motel in Sapulpa and Burbank Boulevard video shows the three walking in a parking lot one of the women signals to someone behind her back and a man appears with a baseball bat he attacks the victim striking him hard in the head three times and when the man's unconscious the suspect whacks him three more times with a bat in the face police say the three stole his wallet called broken multiple lacerations across his face his wife and not been recognized please have someone will recognize the suspects from the video Emily Valdez can extend seventy newsradio the videos on our website K. next ten seventy dot com the state attorney general's office is filing a civil lawsuit against a charity which claim to raise funds and send gifts in packages to troops abroad but was really promoting the effort through misleading advertising and may have been skimming donation money for other projects the group is called move America forward of Attorney General have you ever said I said their civil action contains a group you fall for misleading advertising and images to raise money for so called troop give packs and that the CEO of the group Salvator Russo was skimming money from donations to send to other for profit companies one called the campaign store another consulting company called Russo Martian associates receive more than one point eight million dollars from two thousand eight to two thousand seventeen from the charities proceeds of services will be asking the courts to remove Salvator Russo is partner Sharon Callahan for the board to move America forward and prohibit them from any future operation of any charities or soliciting for charities.

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