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I do all these again e._k._g. Those i like that and so oh 'cause my heart 'cause my blood pressure so low. The my heart is like we gotta keep working overdue alive the jesus yeah i know no so i have to get like a an echocardiogram which is like a big word blah blah blah probably fine but like maybe it explains why talk so fast you know what i mean. Maybe who knows i said oh my god set the immediate sign of a fast talker with the gap vice versa aw that's the latest whom you talk with fast. That's not true. It's colliding does your time didn't know that was bad headaches. I should like how many headaches do you get a week and i was like i mean all these like i mean like two a day probably wasn't the thing yeah oh my god so i'm a mess. You know that but that's okay what guam is all right. I wish i wish you the best khloe thing you henry the dramatic stand and if you need any amount of medicine now since and if you you need any help just let me know i'm always here. Thank you for for emotional thing for <hes> <hes>. I'm only a records while but pressure. I'm not record all oh okay but we'll get into that. This summer's over all right split. Oh boy friday what is going to happen. Oh oh yeah well diehard listeners on the letter. I think last outlet right now gosh pressure nice way questions like summers about over sub priok seminar and they wrote back into our respond to your letter abc's impersonation as commission. I said i still don't think he's talked me so we'll see what happens. Booker will keep us updated of course. How could i not talk about things. I've been out now and if if anybody has any insight romantic advice h. m. e. you please the film buds podcast literally anything or if you have any stories yeah and it'd be cool. We love to hear it. Yes all right well. Shall we jump. I'm ben khloe. Leads delve yeah so let's get into our re review of the farewell and we do not not have clip for this one. It's in chinese. You still play all the glycerin chinese pretty much the ones i could find l. I i mean i. I'll keep looking. There's there's like just there's a trailer and then let me just acted out our aren't. Let's see which teams should we do henry. You have to help me out here. I'm thinking i'm thinking thinking what's notable seen. Oh oh i got it. I got it mom you aquafina. Neither out roy myself yeah. I can't do an accent though not allowed. I mean i can but i shan't don't beat yourself up. Okay <hes> <hes>. How many dumpings do oh shoot. I start doing anyway. I was doubling down five five's not enough twelve tense good review done so yeah well. I could do the who do with me. It could be releasing toxins. What you go and and you can hit your elbow. That's a memorable moment in that movie who knew who knew. I didn't realize that's how they get you get you so. The farewell is released by this girl. She's dumb. Downs funny. Yeah is really spy twenty four and has written andrews p._g. Mooney shoot interesting and has written and and directed by lulu wong and stars aquafina ma grenades famous in china china so you have to say her name diana lynn that may give me a second here. I can't find her on here. We han everybody hold divorces nee. I can't shoot where are you saying she's not nine shoes zhan zhao zahle and she the same have a picture what how scandalous she really famous in china early not as b o or according to i._m._d._b..

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