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That other foot of water wasn't there. We pulled the guns off the boats into the water that was waist deep. We started in with pfc. And the other marines. Pulling our guns machine gunfire really began at the reef. We could see the peer that extended to the reefs edge to our front and to the right. We were all scared. But we kept moving in quote lieutenant. Elrod spread his squad's along a frano about fifty yards and make sure they kept proper spacing between each other. Lieutenant elrod watch splashes from machine gun rounds and noted that the enemy was using the textbook. Interlocking firepower pattern along redesignated fire-lanes the japanese fired in bursts. And few rounds. And then they stop. Lieutenant elrod move. Just watch right. After where the rounds were splashing and then held up his hands for them to haul when the firing stop. Lieutenant elrod motion his men to resume their advance in his company. Mates crossed three bands of fire using this method. The thirty seven millimeter guns that were being pulled by the individual marines. Were under water. Most of the entire way in the gunners had watch for holes in the reef some of which were substantial weighted down by quick and thirty seven. Millimeter ammunition the marines out front pulling the guns dropped sometimes into depressions before the guns. It was nearly impossible to climb out of one. Bella marines often grabbed the submerge. Man's packers jacket and simply yanked him out they would then then manure the gun around the whole the path the shore therefore was not straight. Pfc all in his platoon was able to guide on the long pier to their assigned landing area on red beach. Three which just to the left of the peer. Keep in mind ladies and gentlemen all while doing this all while they're dragging these thirty seven millimeter guns on wheels. they're underwater. they're being fired on by heavy japanese. Defensive fire spf. See all approach. The shore japanese mortar burst and artillery rounds. Join small arms and machine fire in places. The water seemed to boil with enemy fire and the water was tinged red with the blood of wounded marines near the beach. Lieutenant elrod man past the dead and the wounded in the water and kept moving toward the shore. Lieutenant rotted his marines hall their guns ashore and collapsed behind the coconut law. They were spent from exhausted wading through the water and pulling physically pulling the heavy guns incredibly the four four gun crews had suffered no casualties of to that point baton elrod was ordered to get or the wall and start moving inland with his gones. A japanese tank was observed. Maneuvering to the east. Which spurred other marines the help lieutenant elrod gun crews get the heavy thirty seven millimeter guns up and over the seawall as the thirty seven. Millimeter guns that lieutenant elrod and pfc all had in their possession. Were the only thing that could take on the japanese tanks taking one tank under fire. Pfc and the other gun or score a couple of hits and the japanese vehicle with drew then the platoon of thirty seven millimeter guns including pfc. All move forward under fire. It was difficult to pull the guns in the sand almost as difficult it was to pull them underwater and the gun crews did not get farther than about fifty yards inland. There were plenty of targets for the thirty seven millimeter. Guns and the gunners began firing into japanese bunkers and japanese pill boxes the m three thirty seven millimeter gun was accurate enough to fire through a bunkers firing apertures otherwise the japanese forfeit were so stout the thirty seven millimeter rounds. Had little of that lieutenant elrod catoon took position on the front line. To the right of captain orlando palace. F company and to the left of ee company. This was in the elbow of the second. Battalion's line were bent from south to west and once it was edition lieutenant l. Rodman dug in their guns rifleman pointed out targets and the gunners took them under fire using mostly high explosive rounds. The intense enemy fire made communication impossible with anyone except those in immediate proximity. Lieutenant elrod decided to split his platoon later. Stated i put sergeant ramsey in charge of the number three number four guns. They were facing more to the south. We were almost at right angles. He ran out of two of his guns and i ran the other. Two mine were oriented to the west and to the east we will check in with each other a couple times a day but we operated independently. Dr guns twenty or thirty yards apart. We covered a space of about seventy five to one hundred yards. We had a lot around a lot of machine gun and rifle rounds. That hit the shield of the gun. It was about a quarter of an inch thick and a good rate of american steel. The main problem wasn't it wasn't high enough to protect the heads of the gunner and the loader one of my marines named private first class joe ed all was hit by around that came over in into his helmet knocked a piece of his skull out as big as the palm of your hand leaving the brain exposed. I knew he didn't have a chance. And i wasn't going to risk three or four other guys to get him back behind the sea wall. I just covered him up with a poncho and he lasted about thirty minutes. You never regained consciousness before he died in only two members of the weapons company. Eight marines were ultimately listed as killed in action. On terawatt of these individuals. Only pfc all was not recovered and identified and he is an unaccounted for status to this day in august. Two thousand seventeen. The chief rick stone had family charitable foundation received a request from the family of private first class all to investigate his case. Well it didn't take us long to determine that he was by a metrically not a most likely match. The any unknown recovered after the battle and buried is an unknown in the punchbowl cemetery in hawaii. It also did not take us long to find and acquire the copy of book written after the war by lieutenant elrod which vividly described. Pse all today s and as luck sometimes and you may have guessed it a map of exactly. We're pfc all was buried on tara for almost four years. Now we've been offering this information we uncovered about are missing florist to the defense. Pow mia accounting command including the map. We found of his burial.

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