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161 long days. Marie Jeanne Pierre is really happy to be home. It's so good to be home with my family because I don't think I will make it. John Pierre was one of many survivors who was incubated with a ventilator. In late May, She began rehab, getting back on her feet and moving around. Flying the friendly skies without ever setting foot on a plane. That's thanks to a new video game airplane mode is said to offer a realistic experience of flying economy class in real time. Activities include flipping through an in flight magazine, complaining sudoku puzzles, watching movies and looking out the window. The description ends with crying baby not guaranteed on every flight. A game is due out later this year with trips to Iceland and Nova Scotia. And let's go ahead and send it over to traffic. Crash in San Bernadino New Problem here eastbound side of the 2 10 at Day Creek Boulevard. Multiple cars involved bonking the left line. They are trying to get it off to the shoulder through Corona. Still working to this car fire 91 west at Green River Road been reported off to the right shoulder Looks like fire crews on the scene. The river side that stalled cars still block in the slow lane, 60 west at 2, 15 and up video on that crash in Westminster South found side of the 45 Golden West. Still blocking the carpool and left lanes. Looks like stage peace. Trying to cleared off to the shoulder came by traffic sponsored by Kraft P. Three Portable protein packs can find this guy helps get you their bastard. I'm Sonoma Kircher. On Southland Weather from Ko Phi some clouds this morning with sunshine by this afternoon highs from the lower to mid seventies at the beaches high of 84 Today for Metro Allah.

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