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And buses on time tom's wiretap or eight about the weather sixty eight degrees a beautiful day today the humidity will drop noticeably by this afternoon in the high a little over eighty tonight clear low sixty five fifty five to sixty in the coolest of the burbs and tomorrow is sunny and pleasant with a high of seventy five to eighty more sunshine wednesday seventy five to eighty right now in new york it's partly cloudy in fact let's reverse that and be optimistic and say it's mostly sunny because it is seventy five percent humidity in sixty eight degrees at six forty today was the day that stormy daniels was supposed to be interviewed by federal prosecutors investigating president trump's attorney michael colin but that meeting has been called off the former us attorney harry littman says the publicity of this case likely could have played a role in the decision he thinks this means that they will not be interested in talking to stormy daniels but probably they want to do it more on their own terms the porn stars lawyer michael lebanon says that he got a call from two prosecutors last night who told him they were concerned about media interest in the interview turkish president erdo on has won a second term in office he's a lot more powerful now the way they've redrawn the constitution this landmark election ushers in a government system that grants him sweeping new powers and bbc news correspondents celine garrett has more from istanbul the opposition had fell to that to the power was within their reach they had dreamt of this for over a decade they had felt that day could actually change things with a fierce campaign that they had lead but president rigid titled on crude once again that he was invincible this new system of government abolished the office of prime minister and empowers the president to take over the executive branch and form the government who had the power to appoint ministers and vice presidents and issued decrees and prepare the budget and decide unsecurity policies we have some yankee worries easter rundschau with brad heller in just a moment.

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