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Game at some solid defense. Nissan, proud supporter of college athletics. Heels will have their starting five. So that's white Williams. Johnson may and Brooks on the floor may have two fouls this year. Little who has played well is on the bench with three personals for Carolina. Eric thirty five to go in the first half. Doug halverson? The Carolina trainer is attending to leaky black over on the side either. He's putting pressure on a cut on his head or something. But it looks like he's giving him some close attention around his head. We can't see a lot obviously, we have to look through Doug. And he makes a better door than a window. Carolina, twelve points in the first, eight minutes and eleven seconds. Carolina has struggled over the last eight plus minutes with just four points. Four Carolina thirty to thirty one tar heels with the advantage Carolina going zone this possession for the first time today we've seen it at times this season. But not really often a seal bitch. Good three point shooter knocks in the triple from straight away. The seventy three Miami is made in the half gives them the lead thirty four thirty two but Johnson takes it right back with the left side line. Three Caruana has now assisted on twelve of their fourteen field goals, and you look at them. And we've had a couple of opportunities work is a driven the basket put a majority of Carolina's buckets have come in the poster on the perimeter with that quick pass in and good rotation. Johnson misses the floater four Miami rebound battered about Kobe white out of there with it ahead to Cam Johnson is a ton of contact in an offensive foul called on Cam Johnson. That's a tough call it. Appears as the seal Mitch, I believe was a man who had gotten back and allegedly drew the offensive foul on Cam Johnson. His first the double edged sword. The faster you go the more control. You gotta have or the ability to control your speed and Carolina sometimes finds themselves in a position where I think it catches everybody off guard. Everybody says you're going that fast. Then you got to be a little bit out of control. And so if there's a close call as far as a charger, not offensive foul, you may not always get the benefit if you can't control your speed. And a foul is called on. Maybe what you would call. Go Xundu picks up his second foul for a moving screen. Apparently, Brandon Huffman has checked in for may that happened right before that win Johnson was called for the offensive foul may with the two fouls. Gonna sit over the last two plus minutes to make sure that he doesn't pick up a cheap third and Al huffman's gonna check right back out and Brandon Robinson enter so the five on the floor for the heels will be white Williams Robinson Johnson Brooks coming back in for Miami. Anthony, Mack replace these Xundu as two thousand thirty five thirty four Carolina. Kobe white bothered by lights out on the primer gets by and lays at home on the right baseline. I'm not so sure that likes hobbled a little bit with his ankle his left ankle, which he may. We know a turn it a little bit or step throng several possessed several minutes ago, but that time also Kobe just has that little to use your term jitterbug to him like sport draws contact hangs in the air and finishes as he went back door right side. What a finished by like see is tough thirteen for likes Carolina's lead back down to one. Kobe white tough step back three online but short from the left wing rebounded the canes. One twenty three to go first half tarheels thirty-seven, Miami, thirty six. Dribbling out between the circles is Zach Johnson pushes awards Berg and a hand. Check foul on garrison. Brooks Wartenberg wanted that ball for a long time out well away from the basket. And as soon as he got it drove hard on Brooks picked up the second foul on Brooks, ninth on Carolina, so one and one for warden Berg who will. Try to pick up his six point of the day, the six ten sophomore shoot seventy one percent and the free throw spins out, so Carolina. Miami didn't have anybody there. For the rebound gets the board has the other way. Kenny Williams left wing in the frontcourt for Carolina. Not a lot of movement off the ball is Williams looks at sei passes, the white likes nearly stolen and likes tipped it away from behind. He passes a head to MAC Johnson blocked from behind. But a foul call. Well, you could read that book. I mean, it was the pages were open and turning. And it was big font. You could see exactly what's going to happen has likes dove after it on Kobe. Kobe. Some our verdict that turnover initially, but then likes spun on a dime, then popped it away from him on the back side. And then what does Miami do? Well, they ended up down the free throw line. They've had seven attempts. They average fifteen makes a game from the foul line. Johnson will make his first. That ties the game at thirty seven Brooks with his two fouls will exit leaky black back in. Eric.

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