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Is regarded by many people as one of the best in the history of news. This was murdered by the book It's a great episode. It's the great episode I mean everything really good. It was all right there you know as far as the setup. you know a Colombo and the arrogant rich guy in the way that the show was put together all the pieces were there from the very first episode didn't evening adult. NOPE end. The direction is is apparent. You can tell that Spielberg has chops even though it's very one of the very first things he directed. Let's start with Colombo himself because Peter Falk draft blueprint for murder I think he only did one. That's the only one This I was surprised by didn't know this Nicholas Cola Santo coach from cheers. Yeah. What he did the Johnny cash episode. Corrected. That, and he also directed the attitude in black the the of episode that oh I thought Cavities directed that Oh. Well, I have a mind. Yeah. I think you're you must be right maybe directed something else it's possible I didn't have cassidy's as director maybe on media I made that up. Yeah no Nicholas close onto was a TV director but apparently drafted a ton of things mccloud ironside chips Sudan's we say that Risky Notch Ben, Gazzara share. How's that? For a weird crossover Ben bizarro directed two episodes troubled waters and a friend indeed both very good did. Ben Gazzara do. Heavy. On any any academic episodes you cannot act as a heavy that's very interesting. So. Of course. McGowan. Going directly Fi. Directed five I mean McGowan. Is Essentially. Like. Probably the third leg of the columbine trying goal really like. He's so involved not only portraying the killer in many many episodes but directing five episodes over twenty five years is pretty impressive Leo. Penn. father of Sean and Christopher Pen and musician Michael Penn Yeah. Very famous director he directed three episodes of Columbo. Including, what to me is the most over the top episode which I believe me I don't say that lightly but any old port in a storm is Donald pleasants episode where he's one half of a brotherly duo that owns a vineyard. And it's show unbelievably ridiculous. The Heights to which Donald pleasants himself to go as an actor is really something to marvel at and be impressed by is a good episode. It's. I mean it's good for watching..

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