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More as maybe a little more on your hamstring than it is pushing forward to guard somebody in the post but contin kinda push hard under the rim. Who is in. Who is the low man on the free. Throw lane and tips it out then. Holiday hits a ridiculous step back. On joe harris the matchups were kinda messed up. The nets did a good job. Defensively were holiday. Tried to bring up. I think it was hardens man or griffin's man. Brian was up there and he just pre switched it and just forced holiday to take this tough step back over joe harris but i mean joe drew holiday Two huge three pointers when he as you mentioned he was two of seventeen to that point and so now in the last few possessions. He's hit open spot up three. He's drove set up a three and then he gets this spot up. And so it's eight points and two possessions for the box and they now lead at eight. Oh milwaukee run around and the nets amazing. The only had one possession. Just that katy missed three or on that. I mean that was a five point possession for milwaukee just an absolute killer for the nets to go from up to down three in the course of two possessions. Yeah and also that took. I think it was roughly a minute. Took a minute off the clock less time for the fewer possessions left in the game and then we started the kevin. I mean started the week. I guess revived the kevin durant show where he kind of. He had to be in his ends and it was. Yeah he drove on the silent. This was when they tried to trap him and pick and roll on the sideline with lopez. Any he just blew right by him. And i mean the explosion at this point in the game was incredible. Then he got along the time like. Oh he doesn't see janas coming over janas is just gonna pin doesn't somehow. He stepped around him and hit up beautiful layup that he made look so easy bows in reality. Incredibly difficult shot so one point game there then drew gets like a nice little easy sixteen foot up again being guarded by harden in pick and roll defence to go up three by the way so holiday to of seventeen. These are the other three shots. He made it in the entire game. Right here in the sequence all all in that within like a four possession period made all all those buckets and so some of the other places that that stood out in this period secondary find katie hard drive to the right elbow still discarded by milton. It you know at this point. I was starting to wonder you know particularly with harden struggling so much of just like the end when he's guarded by melds into two that they would never consider just running it just like i just don't think it's that they ever practiced even ever thought to practice like mike budenholzer. It's all about the math. It's all about defending your guy. They went back to their conventional system. Relatively lead to do some more switching in some of the groups although not very much in this game but they did do that in game six This is one where middleton especially when katie has it like out mill the floor just a straight iso should be able to rotate around out of that. But you know it's tough to do that. When you have lopez on the floor to like that's kinda the it's harder for him to get out to the corner et cetera. So just gets to the elbowed ice pump fake and scored that mid ranger to get him within one. And then i thought what did you think of. This is actually in the overtime Yeah this was holiday. Attacking harden again getting fouled by harden. Yeah but only may only make one out two so two point lead and then when they brought. Pj tekere back into this between those two free throws because he had he had five fouls at that point and i think they they wanted. They wanted us defense for these last couple possessions and so they basically just ice okay and talker which guy. I wonder why they wouldn't involve brook lopez. I mean brook lopez's depending pick and roll bill for. They never find an answer for that and somehow they just couldn't get katy to that spot. I think the reason was located just waved everyone away and wanted to just take tucker but He got to his spot. Then tucker got a hand on it. I mean tucker's hands were ridiculous. This game he had a couple of hours but most of these were just really clean strip us incredibly impressive and then so you get stripped by tucker gets it back and then middleton comes off joe harris from right behind katie takes it away and i were hardened fouled milton going. I deal Even going for like middleton dribbles up. They're up to and then he kinda faked like he was gonna pull it out and then attacked her. And i thought actually that was a very very close call because i thought hardened showing his arm. I thought that was kinda went down. I mean it was the referee's were letting a locker i thought largely did a previous definitely let a lot go especially i think it was the third quarter and it's like a in the middle of the fourth fouling the crap out of each other. Yeah but i mean there are times in the first. They miss them calls. I thought they settled in better. A mark davis john golden hammer. Who third official was so middleton. Two free throws despite nash. Taking one of his two time outs in the middleton free throws it didn't work katie. Mrs another pull up from the left wing which was a pretty good look again against tucker with forty seven seconds up but then bruce brown gets in there among two bucks they review it. It's knocked off of his foot so they still have another chance to get the two for one here down..

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