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I would have fired Cody parkey once he got off the set of the today show because you got Matt Nagy who's the new head coach. Who said, hey, we're only in this together. We all went together, we all lose together. I don't need Cody parkey doing, you know, the could you Pat me on the back tour here that that he never should have gone on the today show and it didn't have a good season to begin with. If you're his teammate, you don't wanna see him on that show. You backed him. You were there for him you stood up for him. But he goes on the today show. I would have if I met Nagy just said he could you tell a savannah Guthrie when when he's done that he's fired. You know, we're releasing him. Yup. I theory about the positive sentiment towards alshon Jeffery and Cody parkey two guys who who's teams lost because they didn't do their job. The internet social media so negative overly cr- almost universally negative. These days is that the new thing is to be ultra embracing of someone who screwed up on a big stage, overly embracing alshon, Jeffery. You know, wasn't your fault will was his fault. But in that moment, it was just a fact, but now everyone says don't worry about it. It's it's it's the air of comforting is almost like being anti to what the negatively on the internet. You know, when you look at what happened with Bill Buckner? And you know, you gotta move to Idaho and get away from it all and what they did to Bartman, or anyone that's made a mistake whether you're fan and that interfere with the ball, your boy you screwed up. It's just an death threats are just horrible. I can understand. And I appreciate why would go hopefully the other way in in these years where you're like trying to do the opposite. And try to split Donnie more ended up committing suicide after giving up a home run the Dave Henderson. So I I think it's kind of refreshing that you can put your. Phantom aside and be a human for a minute and help. No, I don't want to get to death threats. But if I tell my kicker, we got your back where you know, let let's just move into next season. You know, let's not play this up anymore. You know, you you missed a kick. You didn't have a good year. Yes. It was tipped. But don't go on the today show. And unless the today show every week is going to have you know, an award for one of these players for coaching aggies. Exact quote was for me, you understand that we always talk about a we anatomy thing he said this at the season in the news conference. We always talk as a team we win lose a team. You know, I just I didn't necessarily think that was too much of a we thing. I just didn't think it was a week thing. No it wasn't. It was about Cody parkey. And we always talk about kickers. They don't feel like they're part of the team. Here's a team that's making you part of the team and you made yourself. It was about you as an individual. And it was an Ohio as me tour, and you don't do that. You didn't need to do that. You should keep your head low. And then try to go in and win your job next year. And I just thought it was it was it was the wrong decision for him to make is all Sean Jeffrey going to be on the view today. And it like what everybody going to start doing this. I feel bad for guys who get put in these situations. And yes, we are overly critical and having spent time a lot of time with Bill Buckner after that ball went through his legs and what happened to his family. I certainly understand you know, how far fans can go to be fanatics. But I kept cautioning bears fans to say look the ball was tipped you want to blame people blame your defense for up the touchdown on fourth down blame your offense lineman for allowing somebody to block that kick. Parkey did make the kick prior to that when they were calling the time out, but the ball was tipped. So I was on parkey side. They're all Sean, Jeffrey, probably dropped the fewest balls of any wide receiver this year in the NFL. But he dropped that one. Does that mean they win the game? No. But he did drop it. Okay..

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