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Situations like that. We breached limits There will be took precious. Where the clear changed the margin parameters and then he would say you would have to kind of submit more margin in the morning but but it was minor tweaks around that but put but nothing more nothing too serious no so? How long did this go on for Helen? We you actually trading on the floor. I was trading on the flow offering for about eight years gradually during that period more and more products. We're going to electric trading and the options were very very much lost product Iraq to go to go upstairs because it was all the concerns at the point about how easily you know options with multiple strikes multiple months could get transported two two electric platform. I is that seems like quite a long time to be tried on the floor. Did you enjoy that experience. I absolutely It never even felt like were because you would kind of go there and the buzz of of you know people surrounding you and shouting with you. was incredible and as a trade. It was actually the easiest period to trade because you saw the flow. If you're a trader right now a market maker and electric environment you'll kind of sat in in your little office watching a screen with where there's no real indication of flow Direction size what the focus of working. What are people looking to do? Whereas when you're in the pit everything had to go through that pitzer? If you stood there from morning till noon you would get a really really good feeling for for what the market was doing east to be a profitable Abi to better manage your portfolio because you can sort of how you a lot of looking around there whereas on the electronic well you know you're very very silo D- where you are so in.

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