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Say hello on Twitter and jab at Richard Serra and thank you for your tweets earlier in the first half we were talking about Batman. The series with Arlen Schumer and one of the callers asked why John Aston took over four Frank portion is the Riddler in season two. And Julius Kelp. Has tweeted John Aston took over for the second season on Lee Second seasons on Lee Riddler appearance. The reason was due to Frank Wash in asking for a pay raise for the second season as he felt he deserved So after he was the star of the first season so again in the second season, there was only one appearance. Uh, by the Riddler, and that was played by John Aston, and that's because apparently Frank portion was asking for Too much money While he was terrific. He deserved it. Cathy Harris, This is great. She tweets Luol. I crashed my baby Sitters car into a fence playing Batman and Robin. Her son was Robin. We were five and I was driving the Batmobile. Well, of course you were they had they had left the car running hopes. My mom was less than impressed since she had to pay for all that damage and get a new baby sitter. All right. Thank you. For those Just a reminder. I'll be sitting in the coast to coast air chair again tonight. Saturday night into Sunday morning. My first guest is David Brody. Who is always so a wonderful his new novel. Talks about evidence for the ancient Romans settling in America that's right. Ancient Roman soldiers in the Ohio Valley And also Sloan Bella, the sexy psychic returns to the program. Her life has been touched by some tragedy last summer. I believe it was she lost her son in a mysterious motorcycle accident. She'll be here to tell us about that. And she'll also do some psychic readings for callers. That's David Brody, Ancient Romans in America and Sloan Bella coming up tonight. Saturday night into Sunday morning with yours truly on coast to coast. AM back to open lines when coast continues stay with us..

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