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Oh, there's no better time to have a movie like this telling this specific story. But really, I mean isn't any time a good time to reiterate the importance of what Ruth Bader Ginsburg did for this country. So the fact that this movie is here now, I think is super awesome. But I feel like this is a movie that similar to you be. My neighbor is something that I'm going to continue to tell people to check out for years to come. I think it's fantastic we need it right now. And that's why I haven't number two, Jeff it's never too on my list as well. Even though I haven't seen it. And you know, how much I love my number three. Yeah. Yeah. I haven't seen RV g but I just feel like people are loving this movie. It's kind of Ruth Bader Ginsburg year, you know. Keen on the basis of sex and just everything that's happening politically in this country. I don't think that she will be denied. And I think that she is Fred Rogers stiffest competition absolutely films directed by Betsy west and Judy Cohen. I mean, this is the movie is she is a feminist icon. But the heart of the film is is the love story between her and her husband and a great song by Warren. I'll fight, but so volume yet, did you think of RPT Jeeves for us was hugely helpful too. Because that was the first documentary that came out this year, they're kind of blew open the box office true. So so I feel like every every film. Ours included three identical strangers in these other films all were kind of building on the momentum. That RPG's started. You know? And I'm so grateful for that. I made sure my thirteen year old daughter what g and responded to it in such a strong way. So, you know, I'm very thankful for that. I made sure my cat dressed up as Rb g so. Yeah. Right now, the glasses and everything. Awesome. Well, I believe that your number three is my number two because RPG was mine number three. Show so three identical straight so yes, three constraints. Okay. You go. I thought I saw this movie at Sundance I thought it was absolutely fantastic. It's just such a unique story in the way that that it's told I just loved everything about it. And it's such a fascinating mystery. Like when you think it's about one thing, then pivots. And it turns out to be about another thing entirely. Yeah. Just can't say enough about this movie. Okay. What can you say about? I thoroughly enjoyed. It reminds me of this, quote, if I can paraphrase correctly that you know, the difference between scripted world in the documentary world is in the scripted world. Things have to behave like you'd expect them to behave. But in the real world the impossible happens every day. And it's the kind of thing this is the classic example of a story if you wrote it into a scripted movie people say that would never happen, but it did happen. And it's just like a one of those fantastic stories. I was kind of aware of the beginning of what they tell you about in this movie, but when it shifts gears and starts to dive into something else. That's when I was sitting there..

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