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This is the call more morning news let's check and again with marina for a aaa traffic update northbound i5 midboeing field carpool lane is blocked that's stopandgo traffic from the duwamish river as you head up toward that scene and it's going to continue to be slow north of the west seattle bridge into downtown seattle northbound 509 brake lights from high lineup to the first avenue south bridge and again northbound ninety nine at the stadiums northbound 405 struggles out of renton in the scurves all the way through newcastle southbound stuff out of coal creek to newcastle westbound i90 thirty to get heading out one 48 over to the east gate area and then tough again as you approach mercer i lenin head out towards the water 520 to get choice across the water and southbound 405 struggles out of all the way to 160 at the in bothell southbound i five is tough from albro at the shoreline next look at traffic at eight 04 marina rockinger komo news marina deal with his haziness for the next couple of days a high near 85 today and tomorrow for friday's should start to clear out mostly sunny with a high near eighty right now in downtown seattle it sixty four komo news time 756 here's life beat her anyone navigating the waters of being overweight that's a challenge but it is especially difficult for teens eating disorder specialist dr leslie heineberg cites a recent study researchers found teenagers who were teased by their peers were more likely to develop unhealthy relationships with eating they fall back into comfort eating they fall back into disorder and eating behaviors or if they do decide while i better do something about it they main gagen dieting bed led this study shows in some of the dining behavior they utilize could be really unhealthy diets this study followed nearly two thousand schoolage kids and they were asked about whether they had been teased by other kids are family members about their wait 15 years later those who answered yes were more likely to be obese adults struggling with bodyimaging dealing with eating disorders dr heineberg stresses that problems kids have been teased about their weight needs to be addressed early on the first thing is to make home a healthy and safe environment in which teams aren't feeling vick demise.

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