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Removes the grain when it does that the effect is beautiful i what i mean is you don't just take up the cameron click a pitcher you take up the camera and you select the light source and then you take the pitcher you can do it with the samsung that doesn't have any effect and so to me the samsung pitchers too bright they just brighten everything up a little bit let's sorry this one sorry the other two things that the samsung does is the colors are not correct i took hundreds of photos over the weekend with my wife and i we you know side just make sure you're seeing what i'm saying it the whiteness that it adds changes the color of the pitcher and it's not color accurate the gogel phone does a much better job of color accuracy but also in low light conditions part of the effect of what it's doing softens the photo you can see it in that the candle pitchy you showed earlier not only the colors wrong they're kind of a reddish brown orangey color in the samsung photo yeah not correct the gogol one is exactly what it looked like but it's softer the edges aren't crisp like it it it's almost like a like a filter like vacillating filter or something so here's the interesting thing so i noticed that the re everything was a little to read on my photo so she's won the the selfie felt the selfie mode on this thing which you know i'm still i'm way younger than eupol so i still do southeast but the selfie mode i absolutely love the celsius which is pretty cool how it does like the background blur on a front facing camera but something that samsung tends to do is at a schoff ends up delfi moat the front facing camera they i don't know if it's it's post production doing or it's within the sensor but they're little it's a little soft so i did a the same photo with my iphone seven in this one and i have to tell you the iphone seven was way more of an accurate now bixby's talking to me i'm not even talking to you man.

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