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Man intentionally set his own car on fire to get the attention of the police. And when fire and police crews arrived, he told him he had a bomb in his truck. Police shut down downtown Seattle is they investigated but found no bomb and towed away the truck. Let's go. Most Patrick Quinn reporting, authorities are trying to figure out why the man made the threat in the first place. But the head of Seattle's FBI field offices for now always come in Washington ahead of Inauguration Day. A new 10 FT. High metal fence surrounds the Seattle Police Officers Guild building. The windows of the building are still boarded up after violent protests were held outside the building late last year. 20 people were arrested during those protests. Security around state capital in Olympia is beefed up and we'll be through Inauguration Day. On Wednesday, the FBI issued a warning about the potential for armed protest in all 50 state capitals. Ava are Vest says she supports peaceful demonstrations unprecedented times. Obviously, everybody's really unsatisfied in the lake is a really disturbing time for everybody. The Washington State Patrol says. They have enough personnel on hand to deal with whatever may come up at the state Capitol. All eight regions of our state will remain in phase one of governor Inslee's healthy Washington plant. Donut least January 25th details from coming with some shell Esteban. So how much county says if it needs all the required metrics. It doesn't wanna wait in order to move into the next phase with less restrictions. The hall ish King and Pierce counties would all need to meet the new guidelines together right now, Cupid 19 hospitalizations are too high in their region, and in Snohomish County, the positivity rate over the last week was up 20%. But homage County executive Dave Summers admits beating the pandemic is a group effort. We understand that we are connected by businesses and transportation networks and just the families across borders. Summers adds that he is hoping scaling up vaccine distribution. Even more will make a difference and people not letting up on health safety guidelines. That's cool. Most Michelle Esteban reporting.

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