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Easy change I mean as simple as turning off a light switch when you leave the room you don't want to go out and buy hybrids if you're not ready to buy a car but as simple as turning off the lights which in your room recycling your garbage those silly things like that that sounds so menial add up and make a huge difference keep listening to I heart radio for more Bon Jovi and all your favorite artists I heard radio goes one on one with cash from train about how his outlook on life has improved I don't feel that stress like I used to I don't feel like out of place anymore but I think it wouldn't have happened without maybe this change of attitude you know my attitude is more like Hey I can't do any more than just my best and someday somebody's gonna get it and I think that the person who needed to get the most with me once you feel like that's right it wasn't other people who need to appreciate what I do is me and then I got my confidence back listen I heard radio for more of train and all your favorite artists I heard radio goes one on one with the goo dolls on finding inspiration for their music every day there's something different that will inspire you I mean just the fact of just picking up a guitar and and accidentally playing the right three chords can spark inspiration and to create something I mean I was living in New York just taking a walk with with inspiring just the energy of the city the other thing that inspired me a lot was working with some guys who have a very very very very hard core work ethic they pursue a piece of music collector hunting or something you have to stick it out and keep working at things once the inspiration heads it goes away and the rest is very much like slapped his name to I heart radio for more goo dolls and all your favorite artists every day all day every hour to stay informed everything you need to stay in for radio twelve hundred W. away I'd surpassing all audience expectations every day Rush Limbaugh behind it Goldney IB microphone that.

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