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Happy to have you with us. Once again, we hope you all had a happy and safe HOA. Wean we hope you dressed up well and had some had some fun out there. Whether you're taking your kids out or you're out there partying and having a good time. Hopefully, you had fun remain safe. All that good stuff. I'm joined by my co host John Aaron who had some fun of his own the weekend prior to two Wednesday. Jon you made it through. I guess a crazy party at Ohio University said so I did that go. I don't remember much to be honest. Dear. Remember, why not? My head or something. Really? No, oh you. I made it through. I'm glad glad you made with us in remember, some some parts enough that that made it made it fun and worth the trip for you. But I'm glad glad you're with us. Hey, it's it's the BI week. A lot of people are kinda taken a break from the Bengals and rightfully so in a way because this team has I might need to go onto blood pressure medication with this with this team this year, they just tended only frustrate but make things go down to the wire case in point right now this past week eight against the buccaneers they hosted Tampa Bay in a basically must win type of game before the by. And you know, right at the midway point, essentially. And now they've got a half a season left like saying, you know, a lot of people are kind of taking a step back from the Bengals during the bye week. You're coming up on Sunday. But we are not we're going to talk about the Bengals we're gonna talk about a number of different subjects will kick it off with the bucks. Tennyson breakdown of that. We've got an interesting question of the night that will discuss and we want your feedback from the live listeners live the people are tuning in live on YouTube and or the cincy jungle comment threads. And then we are gonna give out some midseason awards since he jungle dot com is giving those out his well, John I are going to narrow ours down and kinda wittol a handful of awards down to one person, we think is the winner of each of of some specific categories. And then we'll take some listener questions at the end. So you can get in touch with us on the orange black insider line nine four nine five four to six two four one can open up the phone lines later in the show, but you can text us throughout the show. But for phone calls. We're gonna open that up later so get in touch with us, Dan, or you can hit us up on Twitter at Bengals OB I in the live YouTube chat or in the comment. Threads cincy jumper with your questions. We're gonna take a couple at the end of the program. John. We're win game on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the Bengals. A kind of a tale of two halves and a tale of. Really it's to the Bengals have been this year. Very Jacqueline Hyde very feast or famine. I guess I can start with your thoughts on the Bengals not only grabbing a mental leaves at at some point in this in this game. They had a twenty one point lead and two different eighteen point leads. They let those vapid obviously as we know the the game got tied late late in the game. Bengals came back in one on a last second field goal by Randy Bullock. But your thoughts are only they're getting up on team by that much. But also letting him back in and is is just a byproduct of a quarterback change in weren't well prepared for that. I think it was the buccaneers provided a perfect storm for the Bengals in terms of playing a quarterback who was very turnover prone. We've been stirred if living dying by four concur nervous. And combine that with defense that was very very soft and from which allowed to do whatever they wanted in the running game in on plenty of time in the pocket targeted. Tyler Boyd move the offense with big plays. So all those things the both of those things really combined to provide an explosive first half..

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