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Stop on east. You always see them giving up three or four as as well but the way that they can score and like so many teams would look around and do anything to have an offense like that and it's pretty cool that they're coming up huge win as Quenneville gets ready to go back to Shaw Chicago goal. Which I'm sure it'd be emotional for everyone involved us your? Do you know how they're doing in attendance because every time I see highlights it seems like there are more and more people in that arena. Yeah I don't know what the exact them but just watching the games. I do definitely seem like there are more people on the low ball. I mean they got of playoff caliber team. If it's another city that needs it a good run. They had that run when they first broke again and that Buzz wore off a long time ago. But you know my that market though I m e Fort Lauderdale is probably the most fickle sports Mike in the city. You know when you're talking about a sport that's not native to the area but Yeah the attendance said the numbers. I don't know off the top of my head but it definitely arena. Looks a lot fuller and which go back to your point. Five is not yet I would take atom Washington Flipping Padilla Hall. There you go. You're taking away outside the box. They're like don't even talked Ra. You won't even understand what he's thinking or saying yeah. He went third overall the year and he spent eight seasons as Anthony's never spent the day in the minors either You also got a mention because we talk about some of the best bargains in the League. Heuberger right now is in the middle of a six year thirty five million dollar contract so he averages under six the year think about their whole team. Fucking Bark gobs on a ridiculous deal. Barkov is one of the best league for making less than Hubert. All that money is he barely making less than him they both they both make five point nine million. That's that's Boston. That's what you're looking at. What the bruins these guys are like may make them Hoff Hoffmann five one throat check four seven dabbing off four million like this is like and findings basement this vodka and Ross one? Do they have a good time. We spent on Florida. They deserve it. Yeah absolutely yeah and I love to see them get an an a nice run especially boy K Y But boys the Firearms Song. Oh Hey Ross. Yandell Dr Dr Ross the drink shrink he'll be back he's coming back. I think very soon he's got a bunch of things. A bunch of different stories people emailed them and he told me yesterday he was coaching one of his sons. In the Ref Song Ref skated by and Song. The head coach she goes. I know who you are. It's tough to him for him to get through all those emails. He's got like ten kids. So Oh he's gotta be Andy Reid any carried so we've got people claiming on twitter that they were the second sock down on the arena. Oh we heard the audio one on guy claimed that and then some other guy claimed that athletes off the check the feed later today to see who I who it really was but anyways boys the real fireworks this weekend happened Saturday night the battle of Alberta Calgary Edmonton Calgary won their fifth in a row and jumped in the first place in the Pacific but all people want us to talk about after the game was the matthew could check. Zack Kassian run. It's unreal stuff man. The first time get could chuck Berry cash and I thought it should have been a penalty. Looked like his hip. Cotton are cash neck at area. No calling the play then he fucking bundle them again. Later in the game cash took exception to snap kind of slap a little beat Nakhichevan ended up fighting. Give Calgary power play. which was the difference in the game? Great stop either way wit talking get on on this one quick. I started the other one inside so I saw the video. When when the whole melee ensued? You're saying there was an incident right before that that had happened earlier in the game. Okay so so casting. It probably had enough. Kassian had his face to the wall and he had somebody on his on his back and Katrina came off his check and came down to hit Kassian. I mean considering people are saying his ASS Kinda hit his neck area which of course it would be a hit to the head. Kassian was pretty hunched over. Mind you the fact that he came off his check in quote unquote blindsided them now. Now I'm going to say it was like a complete dirty blindside but I think that there was some there was a rift. They're going on where he wanted to fucking get him in of owner -able situation. I don't have a problem problem with the way Kassian handled that. That's fucking the game policing itself. That's exactly what Brian Burke talked about when he came in the podcast. and to me. Personally if you're going to play with that edge like Matica chuck does I don't care if he fights them but I care I okay with Kassian handling it. The way he did did I would have liked to have seen chuck fucking fight him because he was going after him deliberately like the old play Dennis Bond. They used just to do it a lot when when when when defenseman would be taking authority taken to defend wide and he would end up getting around the net. That weak side Ford would come down down office point and just fucking put them right into the wall. You know what I'm talking about and I kind of saw that out of that. Hit where you know. He came off his check in order to take a run at Kassian. So Do you feel that. That you're okay with Kassian job in the mets and fucking taking matters in his own hand. Considering it was it was it was kind of a target. Oh one hundred percent. I have so many things to say about this. Because you've read a million different from comments about all that I'll start with this matthew could chuck dirty rat okay. He's a rat. That's that's what he does. You know what else he is. He's an awesome player and every single guy and his team loves And there's been amazing dirty hockey players before Mark Messier. Chris Chellios the list goes on and on to be dirty as much as fans. You hate players. Who are dirty an Omega Omega? That makes many many hockey players and will forever are hopefully make many many hockey players who they are and why they are great is being a dirty rat on the ice Brad Marchand the same exact way. Okay Matthew Chuck Chuck people say Kassian. Call them a pussy right in the media. So he's a pussy maybe he doesn't fight. Yeah call the Pussy Horsey right. He doesn't have to fight every person out there. He has to fight if he's GonNa hit like that no he doesn't you may want him to. I think that it would be the the honorable thing to do. Business said he probably should fight. If you watch you can say you should fight him. You're going to run around like that. You should fight him. You know what he doesn't have to especially clean nowadays with the rules like this. Okay he does not have all the people who are so furious about this entire incident Matthew Chuck he has to fight him no dude no he doesn't he he doesn't have to fight them. You know what he does. He doesn't fight him. He turtles and many people say looks like Pussy looks foolish while they got power play and they scored the game winning goal on the power play. So what do you mean has to fight. He just proved didn't and his team won. Now there's a flip side to all this and I'm playing devil's advocate. I'm not even giving an opinion. I'm explaining tall sides to this. That Kassian had every right in the world to rag doll him and beat the bag out of them like he did and you know what part of it is is is embarrassment. Because I'm pretty sure that you'll back this up no matter who you are especially if you're guys tough is big and strong. Zack Kassian when you get lit up. Not once but but twice by the same guy. You're embarrassed. He got his helmet he got buried buried with his helmet. Knocked off quite all. Say this in my situation. I wasn't implying a lot. I would never want to put my team down. A man and I didn't really have the luxury to do that because my leash was literally an inch long. And if I would've took a stupid Pantley I'd be out of wine for ten games but if I felt that somebody had head hunted me. My wires would across the exact same thing. And that's exactly what happened. Okay now the two hits all right. Let's talk about the hits. The first hit Kassy's coming around the net and that was a dirty hit. Scottie upshall roller on twitter. It's a dirty hit hit and and in the end do I think he hit him in the head. I don't think it was the principal point of contact. I think he definitely caught part of his head. The League is decided that is not worth any supplemental disciplined this discipline. Whatever the word is I'm okay with that I mean I kind of could've seen either way? You want to give him a game or two for that hit. I'm fine with it and if you don't I'm kind of all right with it as well it's weird. I'm like fifty fifty the second hit when Cassie and snap I thought was an awesome. Hit another another play. I'll I'll say was dirty in the fact that you're leaving your man. It's the Colby Armstrong hit when used to knock people out but he turned around and he buried the guy with his head down and and separated from the PUCK. That was not that was not a dirty hit. I mean I'm sorry it was a dirty act. Go down the kit itself. I don't think was against the rules to stopping. It's stepping in for your. I D I. I hadn't seen it. It's basically exactly what I described as far as the Dennis Bond be one. He came down the weeks. I point and ended up dirty. Yeah he played a part of his head. But it okay but it's the League decided not to give them anything. So they must see the part. Where castings bent over shirking it bent over enough and they think that the first point he hit the main point that he hit him was in his shoulder? Whatever it was it was it's a skull? It's a scumbag hit. It's GonNa Piss a player playoff okay. So the second one the one that was the good hit what you see cassie and do is exactly what you said is that is full blown. I have no control of my body mind or spirit right now. I'm going to kill the sky walking going to murder him so in the end after when tip it says tip tip. It was a Dave Tippett was asked. What do you think about? You Know Kassian getting getting a penalty and you guys lose it on the power play goal. He said well I thought it was. It was a dirty hit. I understand it but I wish she taken a number and that's the final thing. Is that as you understand. Why Kassian did it? And there's no stopping at that point when you look it's like Oh my God. If he had just taken a number and gotten them back then the game could have been different and it was a game for first place now Kassian said after he goes on. It's middle of the season. I'd do it all over again. This isn't GonNa make or break us. Well if you don't get in the playoffs by one point it could end up looking like it make break you but I understand where he was coming from in that basically basically nothing is going to calm me down. Nothing's GonNa slow me down because this rat that I wanna murder just fucking buried me again in almost the same exact style hit and I'm GonNa GonNa kill him so the whole aspect of fans saying like Chuck Noll he doesn't Kassian Kassian Kassian should've Should've squared up with them..

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