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Is the northwest. I'll even say he is my favorite person in college athletics. It would be an enormous loss for northwestern. If for whatever reason he was tabbed to be the big ten Commissioner and Commissioner we should ask well bound about that on Wednesday. He's worried about that. I mean, I think he would be a tremendous choice wouldn't wanna see northwestern lose him? NFL draft. Prospect Lonnie Johnson junior says the Seahawks challenged him to a staring contest. But cheese. Formal interview setting of the NFL combine is rarely formal. We hear stories every year from NFL draft prospects who were as strange questions from teams basically as clubs looked to get the players rattled. It's apparently part of the NFL's evaluation process, which not gonna convince anybody that the Seahawks interview strategy with Kentucky cornerback Lonnie Johnson junior provided any value at all Cording to Johnson the Seahawks had him partake in a staring contest for fifteen or sixteen seconds. Johnson. Did say he won. No real further information on do you think? Now they'll pass on him because he divulged that. No, I think if they did they'd be foolish because if Lonnie Johnson junior is the best cornerback available for them, and they decide not to draft him because he broke that kind of silly protocol. Then shame on that. Did you see? There was another guy to I forget who this was some didn't someone accuse a team of basically pushing them hitting them hard in the chest. Just to see how their reaction would go in a meeting at the combine to we'd it's real stupid stuff..

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