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Amount time people spend to do their taxes to just continues to grow and grow and grow and so we're we're we want a tactical disrespectful of people time that is simple earn flat and and think about this can you imagine a code so perrine simple that each of us knows what each other is our right because we have exactly the same ones and we're really pushing for that type of simplicity and by the way gene texas for example where where i live look this will create over eighty thousand new jobs and a family four in my community teachers will save over two thousand dollars a year which washington is much dante for families you know that's important you can do that you could do live with that money that type of tax it is uh it's kevin brady house ways and means committee chair always appreciate the time where we getting the number 1100 eighty dollars to every every taxpayer yes medium that that no were that the average us household in america makes about fifty nine thousand dollars a year so that it varies from from state to st mary's area but for that family they get a average tax cut of about eleven two hundred dollars you know uh uh a small business person on main street just making sixty thousand dollars three thousand dollars tax cuts so this really dr toward those modest and illegal income families in local businesses in a big way as i was talking to the president and to two kellyanne conway into two cliff syms and all these other folks at the white house they were saying effectively will be more like sort thousand or even five thousand dollars were they get mad at sounds like that that repatriation of money has something to do with that yeah i really that so we we're not we're not banking on tax relief alone joe we're talking about raping paychex grow for a decade for every economist at deniau grow the.

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