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The problem is that in two thousand eighteen there's no famine. Right. So we just go from face to face to face to feast. And so we're constantly in that fed state when in in that fed state when we are in that fed straight to insulin levels are high insulin is a storage hormone. It says, okay. Let store this energy because that famine is coming soon. Right. So we, but we stay in that part of the cycle because the famine doesn't come. So we keep storing and storing and storing insulin levels stay high, and we don't go into ever into burning that fat. So when you're when you're intermittently fasting. You're sort of cycling through phases of being in the fed state and being in the. On fed state when you're the non fed state, insulin levels will go down. That's when you use up some of that stored energy. So what I talk about as a very simple way that you know, anybody can do this shrink the feeding window to about eight hours. So that we have the other sixteen hours to metabolize to burn to utilize that energy, which would mean either skipping breakfast or ideally, eating your dinner earlier. Right. So your insulin sensitivity is higher in the earlier part of the day. So rather than skipping breakfast AJ? You do even better if you had a breakfast at maybe a little bit later Rex's at nine or something then quit eating at about five. So actually, bring your dinner time a little bit sooner. And so then by dot eating anything after five you're not only staying in that non fed state from five pm until the next morning. You also eliminate a lot of what else do we do in the evening hours? Right. We eat popcorn while watching television. We eat potato chips. We eat ice cream. We drink. Beer, right. You all that stuff will eliminate and if your friend said, hey, we're going out for some beers. You say, well, I'm fasting. I'll go out with you guys. But I don't really put anything about mouth after five. Yeah. I think it's maybe because of the social aspect like you suggested it's a bit difficult in the evening, right? I mean in the morning, it's like you're just waking up you maybe getting to work planning the day. But it's interesting is it is it better to sort of fast and evening compared to modern biochemical would be better to fasten the evening because again, you're your capacity to burn energy as well as your activity level. Everything is sort of winding down, right? The engine getting ready to shut down for the evening Breda's in the morning. It's it's everything is revving up. So you can put fuel in the body. You're going to be up in about you're going to be running around. You'll be able to utilize it, especially if you know get to move around a little bit in your job. Maybe you stand part of the day instead of sitting in your chair you'd get up and. Walk when you go after talk to somebody instead of shooting them, an instant message or a text or a phone in you go to the furthest bathroom in the building you park, your car, faraway. They're more opportunities to be active in the daytime yob. But you're right. The majority of people will eat it will maybe skip breakfast have a medium sized lunch and have a huge dinner, and then plop themselves in front of the television until they become comatose, which are the opposite. Again, the old adage all these wisdom's are already there. Right. Yes. You've heard about eating like breakfast, like a king lunch like a prince, and then like a Popper, and you know, you mentioned ancient Hindu Indian traditions where there's a lot of writing about about fasting. And there are sects of Hinduism by jen's don't eat after sunset, which is such a beautiful concept. Right. So you allow your body to go into the non fasting state, and you also get to digest the food a lot better. And the byproduct of that is that you have better sleep. Marvel and I'm sure most of our listeners would appreciate some better quality sleep because they understand that..

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