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So it's the mmu that they like pumped steroids into and kept in this tank. Also has like a human voice. Yeah. Can talk just. A movie he actually has a low dominating voice. Very bizarre. It's very funny because you know, Pokemon only say the row name and human be like mute too. Say mutsu. He's so over it asking to move at the movie theater. If you just nudged him he'd be like what? Like asking for the bathroom you too. To do new to you too. So you did before before you came on talk about this game. You talked about star valley does that a game that you're like I've sat down and logged like hundreds of hours, and I don't know how many exactly that. I'm sure if I looked at the embarrass as well. There's no barris and enjoying yourself. How many people binge-watch net flicks? That's true. I don't binge watch a lot of TV shows. I feel like sometimes video games have recently become binge watching is there. It is. There's no shame excessively just anything if you do too much. You're just like I do that too much. I think I get sick on stuff where I'm like, oh, I've done this a lot like I gorge myself on certain stuff, not not particularly. But it's hard for me to when I enjoy a thing to only do a tiny bit of it. Addictive personality is what you're saying. We're not with my relationships are with drugs or alcohol. What about your relationship with drugs that is? I'm on crack, right? It's like, it's it's mutually beneficial. It's. Hi, somebody gets sick of it. I bring home all the money to afford crack. Yeah. Yeah. I think with video game with media like show. I really like I will binge it or if sense. Yeah. This game. Does something that a few other Pok Mon games do. But I think it does it maybe more intensely because this is the first Pokemon game. That's been on a console like a television, which is which was really cool. Yeah. Yeah. And so there's a lot that goes along that and one of the things is you get an up close and personal relationship with your starter. Pok Mon really do EV. Yeah. You have to pet it. You have to like Pettit. Won't be good in battle. Right. So you pet it you dress. It up you feed it, I did not dress it up. I was not gonna dress up my shoulder slave. I was not gonna. I don't dress up my dogs in real life. Also, I don't I don't like the extra skins and stuff. I like classic. I want my character to look like ash Ketchum. That's I don't know. Why just was like don't put a hat on EBay. Any went this sucks. It wasn't necessarily like we got this morning. So you go into this. Like, I don't know. If you remember did have you guys played the game at all. I haven't played the new one. But it's based right? Yeah..

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