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That, of course, recalls those days, those just entertaining days when you guys were patrolling the league with New York islanders. Can appreciate the camaraderie that obviously existed then, but it's so evident now because not to be raped today's player. But you guys can win on for 5 hours with story after story after story. I mean, we cut because we're getting time and stuff. But then we stay on for ten more minutes and tell 12 more. It's like, I know. You were just so fun because here's the thing. And I don't know that it's the same today because life is more fragmented today than it than it was then. So we never had a charter. So every time we played a game, we stayed overnight. Yeah. And when we stayed overnight, you go for dinner and you have a couple of drinks after the game or whatever, and then the next morning you meet to go to the airport and the stories just, you know, somebody has a bad suit or somebody played a great game and you start teasing that for whatever. You were always together and you didn't have anywhere else to go. But when you, when you just even see the way that heals and flats are, it was nonstop. With those guys. And so when you came in our room, you walked in, Glenn sat in the first stall, the second stole was empty. I sat in the third stall and flat sat in the fourth stall. I think flat sat in that stall, honestly, his entire time with the islanders. And so when you walked in, it was like, you know, the old Muppets there that, you know, we're all like chirping away. It was just, I don't know, it was just, it was a great time. I just really, I'm just, I think they're just hilarious. And so I hope everybody enjoyed their nonsense. So good. All right, from pat flatley, and Glenn Healy, we go to Chris Albert, Chris Abbott, presentation, but tano dot CA available in Ontario. At betano, the game starts now. Episode 27. There's a lot going on in the National Hockey League crests. We're caught up with the world juniors. That's always an exciting time this time of year. But it's also an opportunity for us to remind people that, yeah, there's been a lot of hockey played in the NHL, but there's a lot more to come. And people are constantly looking for ideas. So why don't we look at, you know, what the predictions are now. If you look at the Eastern Conference, the Western Conference, is it pretty much the way it reads as you look at the standings or people more interested clearly in the long shots based on the betting lines and all that. You know, I always go back to a couple of years ago when St. Louis were in dead last around this time of year, right? And you always wonder if there's going to be an opportunity or a team down there at the bottom to kind of make that run. So if I look at that, I don't know if anyone's rushing to put their money on the flyers, the sharks, the coyotes, the blue jackets, the ducks, the Blackhawks at this time of year. There's some mid range ones that maybe you might be able to convince people on, like the St. Louis blues, like the Washington capitals, it's 74 to one to win the Stanley Cup. I mean, they've still got a good team in Washington. And then you were talking about some high profile New York islanders alumni there. It's 30 9 to one to win the Stanley Cup right now. So there are a couple of long shots, I suppose. If you were really interested, but most people are going to be on the frontrunners, Boston, Colorado, Carolina, and Vegas are the top four at least they're at 11 to one. So I don't know. We've seen a little, maybe it's taken a little longer for the public to get super excited about the leafs right now. What about the individual goals and points and things like, like if I'm thinking of goals, I'm like, man, contagious Thompson, squeeze all the way through, or does everybody just look at McDavid and go in, he's going to be uncatchable, even though the gap isn't very big. Well, you know, the goaltending stats in McDavid's division right now, and he's contributed to some of it, are not very good. So he's the favorite right now, plus one 35 to win the rocket Richard trophy. But you make a good point. Jason Robertson and tage Thompson both plus four 50, David poster and act further down the list at 9 to one was Leon draisaitl. Auston Matthews, 1401, you know, he's always going to score his goals. So you guys know I love tage Thompson. I feel like I was an early adopter. Last season, listen, four and a half to one though. I don't know. I almost want a little bit more. So I might wait before pulling the trigger on that one. But, you know, there's some big shooters down the list. So it's definitely worth a look. Individual awards, I don't know that we have to go through all of them. I mean, is it pretty obvious, Chris, what most betters are looking at the Norris? Are we looking at the heart or are we looking at the Calder, the vesna? Like all the major awards is there one tour all of them drawing action at this stage? Well, you know, everyone kind of defaults the Norris to kill makar, I think, but it's still paying two to one. That's something I'd look at. He's got Rasmus Dali in the second on that list at 5 to one. So two to one for Kelvin Carter to win the Norris trophy this year. That's something that I'd certainly consider right about now. And I think people probably will, as we take the break, maybe get a most gentle monthly and effective for declining the penalty as well. We'll see we'll see what happens, but that's always the popular one, of course, the heart is always popular. And then, you know, we just talked about McDavid for the goal scoring race. He's an odds on favorite to win the heart and minus one 33. But we've discussed this before. Okay, it's easy to give McDavid the heart. So do we start looking somewhere else as we go down the line? God forbid there's some kind of injury or whatever. There's some really good odds because he's such a big favorite on some others. Jason Robertson again at plus 7 50. Nikita kucherov 14 to one Capri off 14 to one Matthews 14 to one. Say for example, McDavid does get hurt and I'm not wishing that. But you gotta think about these things. Then Leon dry settle is 19 to one if he drags the oilers into the playoffs or something like that. Okay. So it's a really good time. Like you said off the top to kind of reevaluate you've got half of season done and the odds of shifted since we started in October. We'll check back in the near future and start doing something similar with the national football league with big games ahead. So thanks again. I'll give no picks for the NFL. Oh, I'm still stuffed from a lot of turkey and all the shenanigans of Christmas, so it's good to be looking at the new year getting fresh and ready for 2000 23, but it's also nice to spend the time that you've been able to spend with your family, right? Because as you've alluded to many times in the world, juniors and whatnot, this is new territory and welcomed territory for you. It really is. It's kind of amazing. Like, you know, Christmas morning happened and I wasn't packing to go to the airport. And which is pretty standard stuff for the past decade and a bit. And the

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