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And so i mean you just a phenomenal church with a great vision and they were very community oriented particularly in the black and mexican community there in los angeles or she might have been there. When when i guess she's only twenty two even from la for awhile. Hey hey hey older than i look. Okay okay that's all right. Well listen on another another great note. We opened up the globe. Saying what are we. See a great column by adrian. Walker about your spouse irene. Tell us absolutely absolutely well. You know the last time we talked we had this conversation about sia taking The vaccine in my whole. You know how i was going to move forward with. It is that she was my canary in a coal mine and as we said on what i that if she didn't wake up dead when she didn't then you go out and i myself and go get vaccinated a beautiful sentiment or exact words. If i may interrupt irene your exact words were if she aim dead. We're okay. it was what you said. So that we own slogan. Yeah go ahead. Absolutely so. I'm i'm very. I'm very very proud of her. And also What i like about it is that it's really getting the message out. And we're actually seeing the sea change here in terms of blacks really sort of lining up And going for the vaccine and one of the things that says in the article. She says they asked her like. It's one of the vaccines for just black people and one four for white people and that's a real important question because again you can easily pull us out by by where zip code and where we live and she said no you know both vaccines are efficient. And and the vaccines are everyone. As a matter of fact you know cambridge is doing a wonderful thing in terms of clergy here and that they consider us the second tier frontline workers which we are. We're doing funerals and in meeting with folks and they will they have put out a call for clergy now to line up In cambridge and get their vaccine. So i'm very. I'm very optimistic. Seeing how we're moving forward and cutting through something historically steeped in our community which is the history of the tuskegee study. Well you know. There's a thought of in fact. I read the things almost simultaneously the story adrian walker wrote about. It said that before shots in er doc and a big shot in the hierarchy at the great boston medical center. But you know i was reading the piece about her and then i'm reading the piece about how blacks and latin x people are always getting the short end of the stick whenever there is a fiscal or economic or health crisis and i know that the is pretty much dedicated her life to those issues of equity. And let me read you a lot. I had congressman presley on tv with me other night and she wrote a letter on tuesday to the governor about her concerns about lack of equity in the vaccine distribution. Listen to these. Numbers is a letter. She wrote to governor baker according to data released by the massachusetts department of public health black and latinx next residents make up and let less than three and four percent respectively of those who've been vaccinated thus far whereas white residents make up nearly sixty percent of those fully vaccinated again according to the congresswoman three and four percent black and latinx necks of those vaccinated sixty percent amongst white. So the answer is the theater. James of the world..

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